This New Hand Sanitiser Is So Gentle & Non-Drying, It Can Even Double Up As A Moisturiser 

This New Hand Sanitiser Is So Gentle & Non-Drying, It Can Even Double Up As A Moisturiser 

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By Rachel on 06 May 2021
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With the ongoing pandemic, maintaining good hygiene and protecting oneself from germs is more crucial than ever, and hand sanitisers have since become an everyday staple. But because of the alcohol content, frequent usage of hand sanitisers may result in serious dryness and irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. As someone who often experiences dryness on my palms even without sanitisers, the struggle is real.

But here’s a new non-drying hand sanitiser in Singapore that will absolve your flaky hand woes. Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique moisturises as it kills germs, and is in fact so gentle that it can even double up as a moisturiser! Here’s our review.

Read on for our review on Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique in Singapore!

About Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique moisturising hand sanitiser

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Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique is a two-phase moisturising hand sanitiser - a double-action hand care product that disinfects while replenishing the skin’s lipids. Simply put, it’s a 2-in-1 formula that kills germs, while softening skin at the same time.

Made for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, this non-drying hand sanitiser comprises of just 5 essential ingredients:

  • Alcohol denat (Ethanol)
  • Water
  • Blue colouring (to indicate whether the formula is mixed well)
  • Shea oil
  • Squalane

The whittled-down ingredient list minimises the chances of skin irritation, so even those with eczema-prone skin need not worry. In fact, it’s also safe for kids from as young as 3 years and above!

First things first: In order to pass the base test on effectiveness against germs, a hand sanitiser should contain at least 60% alcohol, according to healthcare experts. Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique surpasses this at 79.4% (v/v), to eliminate 99.9%* of any germs that your hands may have come in contact with in just 30 seconds.

Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique hand sanitiser SingaporePhoto from Bioderma

There’s no need to worry about this relatively high alcohol content drying out your skin either. While maintaining effectiveness against all the nasty germs out there, Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique counters any potential dryness with emollients of shea oil and squalane. These ingredients that are high in healthy fatty acids work in tandem to deeply hydrate the skin, while preserving its natural barrier.

*European Standard NF EN 13727 + A2 (Dec 2015), France: Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity in the medical area. Bactericidal in 30 seconds EN 13727 + A2 in clean conditions

Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique hand sanitiser review

Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique hand sanitiser SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle SG

I’ve tried my fair share of hand sanitisers, and till date, the issue has remained: Not long after cleaning my hands, they end up super dry. While my palms don’t flake or peel, the skin gets visibly taut, and the dryness is a constant source of discomfort.

This results in me having to slather on moisturiser every so often throughout the day, which can prove to be a hassle, especially since I’m often typing away furiously at my computer for work on a daily basis. Getting hand cream all over my keyboard isn’t fun, but it has to be done - or so I thought.

As many hand sanitisers out there also promise to be non-drying, yet still land me in the same predicament, I was initially skeptical of the claims surrounding Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique. However, upon giving it a try, the first thing I noticed was how richly moisturised my hands felt immediately after application.

This hydrating quality is one that lasts, such that even hours after application, and hours spent in a drying air-conditioned environment, my hands still feel moisturised. It’s almost as if there’s a coating of moisture formed around my skin.

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The product comes in a handy spray bottle and you’ll first have to give it a quick shake to combine the bi-phase alcohol and lipid formula before using. You’ll know if everything is properly mixed when the blue shade is uniform throughout. Rest assured that the blue colouring used is completely safe and hypoallergenic!

When first spritzed out, the scent of alcohol is distinct - as it would be with any effective hand sanitiser. But seconds later, the nutty, earthy aroma of shea oil takes over, masking any hint of ethanol. This is certainly a welcome change from the usual clinical-smelling hand sanitisers, and the best part is, it’s all-natural - no additional fragrances added!

Over the course of 2 weeks, I found that my hands became significantly less dehydrated and sensitive - not just in relation to hand sanitiser usage, but in general as well. It seems like the lipid-replenishing properties of Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique truly work - by not only providing immediate relief and countering the drying effects of alcohol, but also nourishing the skin and preserving its natural barrier. 

What makes it markedly different from other sanitisers really lies in its lipid-rich formulation. Other sanitisers that claim to be moisturising often contain aloe vera or glycerin, which do hydrate the skin, but only with water content. This doesn’t have a stronghold, and after the initial moisture, your hands will soon feel dry again - because while the surface symptoms are being treated, the problem isn’t tackled at the root.

On the other hand, Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique provides lipids to maintain a healthy skin barrier - think of it as a “cement” to fill up the gaps in the skin’s barrier function, which allows it to retain moisture more effectively over a long-term period.

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If you suffer from dry, irritation-prone hands that are susceptible to redness, flaking, and peeling, we’re positive that this will be your new holy grail sanitiser. You’ll no longer have to compromise your skin’s condition when keeping safe from the pandemic!

Perhaps my only gripe would be how this only comes in a full-sized 100ml bottle, which isn’t the easiest to tote around in small handbags. If only it also came in smaller bottles for using on-the-go! For now, this has a place on my office desk and at home, for fuss-free sanitisation that won’t aggravate my delicate hands.

Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique currently retails exclusively at Watsons in stores and online (till June 2021) for $14.90, and will be available at leading drugstores and pharmacies from July 21 onwards. Find out more about Bioderma Biphase Lipo alcoolique here.

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