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9 Sakura-Themed Experiences In Singapore In 2023 To Pretend You’re In Japan Or Korea

9 Sakura-Themed Experiences In Singapore In 2023 To Pretend You’re In Japan Or Korea

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By Rachel Yohannan on 04 Apr 2023
Senior Digital Editor

Snow-topped landscapes during Winter and fiery colours in Autumn are always sights to marvel at, but nothing quite tugs at our hearts as cherry blossoms in Spring. Those delicate pink petals hanging overhead and scattered on the ground create such a magical aura, and this enchantment is especially heightened when you're with your significant other. UwU


While it's a tad late to book a romantic honeymoon or  girls' trip for hanami this year, we've found a handful of cherry blossom-themed experiences in Singapore in 2023 that will make you feel like you're in Japan or Korea. Split across 2 categories of food and activities, these will help quell your wanderlust while you await your future travels.

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Sakura-themed dining in Singapore

#1: Pretend you’re at a teahouse in Kyoto with MoMiJi Cafe

MoMiJi Cafe SingaporePhoto from @bellamarinda via Instagram

Whisk yourself away on an idyllic visit to Japan at MoMiJi, a cafe that screams Kyoto - both in terms of food and ambience. Here, seats are split into 4 zones according to the 4 seasons, but of course, we’ve currently got our sights set on the Spring section - complete with super realistic sakura backdrops.

MoMiJi Cafe SingaporePhoto from MoMiJi Cafe


Tuck into Kyoto-style sandwiches accompanied by classic Japanese toppings like Matcha Ice Cream, Matcha Pudding, Mochi Ice Cream, or Yaki Imo (sweet potato), and make sure you don’t miss out on their various pure tea blends, made with leaves sourced from Kyoto itself. This is as close to the real deal as it gets!

MoMiJi Cafe SingaporePhoto from @applelici0us via Instagram

#2: Down fruity soju at Korean cherry blossom-themed bar, Kream Beer

Kream Beer SingaporePhoto from @linangu91 via Instagram

As far as Korean bars in Singapore go, Kream Beer is hands down the prettiest and we’re not up for a debate on it. With artificial cherry blossom trees spanning across the entire ceiling, springs of fairy lights, and Craftholic plushies lining the bar counter, this little hole-in-the-wall establishment is a dream come true for ladies who love their booze. 

Kream Beer SingaporePhoto from @daffinetan via Instagram

Their Fruity Beer ($10) and Soju ($16) in flavours like Grapefruit, Apple, and Watermelon are must-tries, as are their affordably-priced Korean cocktails (from $12). Fuel up before your drinking session with their Korean fried chicken and cheesy pizza.


Kream Beer SingaporePhoto from @nchenggg via Instagram

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If Autumn’s more your thing, check out the affiliated Kreams Krafthouse instead!

#3: Feast on a pretty pink sakura afternoon tea set

Sakura Afternoon Tea 2023 at Raffles Hotel SingaporePhoto from Raffles Hotel

Treat yourself to an indulgent Sakura Afternoon Tea session at the the Grand Lobby of Raffles Hotel, and feel like royalty as you nibble on premium sweet and savoury bites like Sakura Strawberry Mont Blanc, Beef Sando with Katsu Bechamel, and Kinako Mochi Almond Profiterole - many of which come in pretty shades of pink.

Sakura Afternoon Tea 2023 at Raffles Hotel SingaporePhoto from Raffles Hotel

Unlike the other cherry blossom dining experiences on this list, this one does not come with any themed decor. But with Raffles Hotel’s inherently palace-like features including opulent Victorian columns and glittering chandeliers, we certainly can’t complain.

Sakura afternoon tea Raffles Hotel SingaporePhoto from @r0711 via Instagram


#4: Indulge in jiggly Sakura Soufflé Pancakes from FLIPPER'S Singapore

Sakura Pink Soufflé Pancakes at FLIPPER'S SingaporePhoto from FLIPPER'S Singapore

Trust Japanese pancake chain FLIPPER'S to come up with sakura-themed specials, given that their menu is ever-changing for a fresh experience each time. This year, their seasonal Sakura Kiseki Pancakes come in two different versions, each exclusively available at a specific outlet. Only available at Takashimaya, their Sakura Pink Soufflé Pancakes ($21.80) is topped with ruby chocolate, fresh Chitose strawberries, preserved sakura flowers, and strawberry sauce on the side.

Petite Sakura Soufflé Pancakes at FLIPPER'S SingaporePhoto from FLIPPER'S Singapore

There are also the Bugis-exclusive Petite Sakura Soufflés ($26.80), comprising five mini pancakes arranged in a floral formation, with a dollop of homemade mochi-wrapped vanilla ice cream in the middle. Like its Orchard counterpart, this dessert also comes topped with Hokkaido strawberries and ruby chocolate shavings.

Hot Sakura Matcha at FLIPPER'S SingaporePhoto from FLIPPER'S Singapore


Wash that down with an array of Instagram-ready sakura-inspired drinks, including but not limited to Hot Sakura Matcha, Sakura Milk, and Iced Sakura Latte.

#5: Try seasonal sakura mochi, tea, and cocktails at IPPUDO

IPPUDO sakura SingaporePhoto from IPPUDO

It is indisputable that IPPUDO is one of the top places for ramen in Singapore, but ramen’s not the sole thing you’d want to head there for this April. Their Tanjong Pagar outlet at Guoco Tower has - you guessed it - new sakura menu items that will only be available till the end of May.

IPPUDO sakura mochi SingaporePhoto from IPPUDO

No, it’s not sakura-flavoured ramen - although admittedly, that might be interesting to try. Instead, end your meal off with the sweet Ohanami Sakura Umegaemochi, or a pot of Sakura Green Tea infused with a whole sakura blossom, and say kanpai with the Torotoro No Umeshu cocktail. Aside from its attractive pink hue, it’s also served with pink sprinkles and a sakura flower as a final touch.

IPPUDO sakura cocktail SingaporePhoto from IPPUDO


Sakura-themed activities in Singapore

#6: Take a dip in a sakura black tea bath at Joya Onsen Cafe

Sakura experience at Joya Onsen Cafe SingaporePhoto from Joya Onsen Cafe

If there are two things about Japan that people love the most, it’s gotta be cherry blossoms and onsens - and Joya Onsen Cafe has combined the two with their limited-time Sakura Black Tea bath. Created specially to celebrate Spring, this sakura onsen with nourishing properties is sure to lift your spirits!

Joya Onsen Cafe Singapore ReviewPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Mimicking the traditional Japanese onsen experience, their baths are separated by gender. You’re meant to leave your inhibitions at the door and dive in nude, but shy folks can opt for the private onsen instead for quality time with their partner or besties.

Joya Onsen Cafe Spring 2023 sakura dessertsPhoto from Joya Onsen Cafe

After your soak, nibble on their special spring-themed desserts, such as the Sakura Gelato Wagashi/Dango ($5.90)Sakura Gelato Taiyaki ($8.80), and Matcha Ichigo Latte ($6.20), just to name a few. These will only be available till May 2023.


#7: Hunt out Trumpet Trees blooming with Singapore’s own version of sakura

Trumpet tree Singapore sakuraPhoto from M Saniroz AR

While tropical Singapore doesn’t have a suitable climate for cherry trees to thrive, we too have our own version of that - in the form of Trumpet Trees, also known as Tabebuia rosea or Pink Poui. These trees flourish with delicate pink and white blooms during cooler parts of the year, particularly during March and April.

Trumpet tree Singapore sakuraPhoto from @little.coco.beans via Instagram

We’ve sussed out 12 “sakura” spots across Singapore, spanning from convenient locations in town to secret spots that you normally wouldn’t find yourself traversing.

Trumpet tree Singapore sakuraPhoto from @jocelynlch via Instagram

Note: The flowers do not last long, so it will be a good idea to check out photos on social media to see if they are still alive before heading down to any of these spots.


#8: Admire real cherry blossom trees at the Flower Dome's Sakura 2023 displays

Sakura 2023 at Gardens by the Bay SingaporePhoto from @mumuee via Instagram


Sakura 2023 at Gardens by the Bay SingaporePhoto from Gardens by the Bay

In a first, this annual cherry blossom display comes with a scenic railway theme. You'll also spot popular Pokémon characters appearing throughout the exhibition space - including first-gen favourites like Eevee, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Pikachu sporting a pink afro.

Sakura 2023 at Gardens by the Bay SingaporePhoto from Marina Bay Singapore

#9: Take romantic photos with your oppas amidst sakura trees at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds K-wave Zone SingaporePhoto from Madame Tussauds

The hard truth: We’ll probably never get to be with our oppas no matter how hard we stan them, or how many times we fly to Seoul just to stalk their vans. But with a little imagination, you can still live out your Korean drama fantasies, all thanks to Madame Tussauds’ relatively new K-Wave Zone.

Madame Tussauds K-wave Zone SingaporePhoto from Madame Tussauds

You won’t just get to take lovey-dovey selfies with heartthrobs like Lee Jong Suk, Song Seung Heon, and more - you’ll get to do so against the backdrop of sakura blossoms and a life-sized artificial cherry tree! Snap away, and see if you can fool your future kids into thinking you once dated a Korean star.

Madame Tussauds K-wave Zone SingaporePhoto from Madame Tussauds

Make your booking via Klook here.

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