I Tried A Collagen Drink For 4 Weeks To See If It Would Have Any Effect On My Skin

I Tried A Collagen Drink For 4 Weeks To See If It Would Have Any Effect On My Skin

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By Rachel Yohannan on 06 Jan 2021
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In the quest to achieve eternal youth, one can never be too disciplined about incorporating all the right items into their beauty routine. But there are only so many skincare products you can slather onto your face at one go, and having too much of a good thing doesn’t always yield the best results.

To complement and enhance your existing skincare regime without making it overly complicated, try consuming edible beauty products instead. You won’t have to add an extra step to your daily face routine and they’re beneficial for the rest of the body as well.

Hopping onto the bandwagon, I tried Japanese brand Astalift’s Pure Collagen Drink and Pure Collagen Powder for 4 weeks to see if they would have any effect on my skin, and here are my findings.

Read for our review on Astalift’s collagen drink and supplements in Singapore!

- Astalift Pure Collagen Drink review -

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The Astalift Pure Collagen Drink comes in 30ml bottles, perfect for slipping into even the slimmest of handbags and drinking on-the-go! Don’t underestimate each little serving, for it comes packed with a whopping 10,000mg of collagen. This high concentration is achieved using a special first-extraction method, which results in super pure collagen with great efficacy.

As the drink is made using marine collagen, I was initially worried that it would taste fishy and unpleasant. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case at all, and it instead had a sweet-sour berry-like flavour. While it tastes fine at room temperature, I would recommend chilling it in the fridge for an extra refreshing perk-me-up, especially on sleepy mornings.

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Collagen aside, Astalife’s Pure Collagen Drink also contains Vitamin C with antioxidant and immunity-building properties, Ceramide to maintain the skin’s natural barrier, and Ornithine, which improves liver function and aids in healing. So it’s not just good for the skin, but also great for upkeeping of general health!

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Skeptics might call it a placebo effect, but after just a few days of consuming the Pure Collagen Drink, I felt more awake as I headed to work each day, with this energy lasting throughout even the laziest rainy afternoons.

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Honestly, I can’t exactly say if my skin became bouncier or younger-looking over the course of just 4 weeks, because effects of such products can only really be seen in the long run. However, I did find that my scars from previous breakouts faded more quickly than usual - so there’s no doubt in the drink’s efficacy! Surprisingly, my usually brittle nails were also less prone to bending and cracking.

Each serving is only 46 calories with no preservatives, so there’s nothing to fear even if you’re consciously watching your weight.

- Astalift Pure Collagen Powder -

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Another Astalift collagen product to try is the fat-free Pure Collagen Powder, which comes in handy stick sachets. This low-calorie powdered formula - with just 21kcal per sachet, to be exact - is basically the purest form of collagen, with no sugars or additional flavourings added, making it perfect for the health-conscious.

Each stick contains 5,000mg of high-purity low molecular weight collagen peptide for optimum absorption and synthesis, along with other ingredients like Vitamin C for overall health and healing from inside-out. 1-2 servings per day will do the trick - I alternated this with the Pure Collagen Drink so they could work in tandem.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Pure Collagen Powder was able to dissolve in my drink almost instantly, with no lumpy bits whatsoever. All I needed was literally just a few seconds, which made it extremely convenient to consume.

On its own in water, the powder does have a taste - which is expected because you are, after all, drinking a highly concentrated mixture. It tasted like how any other collagen supplement would, which was perfectly fine by me.

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You can also dump this in your coffee or tea if you like, but do note that the taste of your beverage may be altered slightly - my English Breakfast tea sans sugar and milk didn’t taste completely the same after the Pure Collagen Powder was added. It was not unpleasant, but I personally prefer to consume this beauty supplement separately from my morning fuel.

To mask the taste of the Pure Collagen Powder more thoroughly, you can try adding it to more flavourful liquids like fruit juice, smoothies, or even soup and yoghurt.

- Astalift’s beauty drinks and supplements in Singapore  -

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Taking beauty drinks and supplements is a great way to boost your skin and keep it looking young - not just on your face, but on the rest of your body as well! It won’t interfere with your regular beauty routine or add extra minutes to it, which is great for busy working ladies who have no time to lose.

Apart from anti-ageing collagen drinks and supplements, Astalift also has edible beauty products for UV protection. One of these is the peach- and lemon-flavoured White Shield Drink, which fights off UV damage while keeping your skin youthful with 1,000mg of Pure Collagen and 1,200mg of Vitamin C.

There’s also the White Shield Supplement which works in the same way but is in pill form. These tablets have additional health and beauty-boosting ingredients including safflower oil, tomato lycopene, as well as Vitamins B3 and E for the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and nails too.

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Astalift’s Pure Collagen Drink, Pure Collagen Powder, and other beauty consumables can be purchased online via Astalift’s official website or at their physical counters located at JEM, NEX, and Plaza Singapura. Prices are as follows:

  • Pure Collagen Drink - $60 for 10 bottles
  • Collagen Powder - $76 for 30 sachets
  • White Shield Drink - $50 for 10 bottles
  • White Shield Supplement - $66 for 60 tablets

Find out more about Astalift’s edible skincare products here.

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