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Feel Like You're Back In Japan At Brown Butter Cafe With Their New Sakura Decor

Feel Like You're Back In Japan At Brown Butter Cafe With Their New Sakura Decor

By Karmen on 06 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

The picture-perfect, pink and teal-themed Brown Butter cafe has recently gotten a gorgeous sakura makeover for out-of-Singapore feels.


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Located a 6-minute walk from Orchard MRT Station, Brown Butter is a cafe filled with photo opportunities from a pink floral wall to a Wes Anderson-esque pink and teal display corner. Even the food looks aesthetically pleasing!

The cafe has upped their Insta-worthiness even further, transforming into a sakura wonderland.

Brown Butter cafe with faux sakura treesPhoto from Brown Butter

The faux sakura looks pretty realistic from the multi-coloured flowers to the imperfect tree trunks and branches. Besides taking the most gorgeous photos of yourself, dining under these "sakura trees" might momentarily take you back to Japan and offer some comfort from travel withdrawal.

brown butter cafe with pink sakura treesPhoto from @fangnitee via Instagram

brown butter cafe with pink sakuraPhoto from @callmejessi_ca via Instagram


You can flood your IG feed with a pink overload as there's also a pink telephone booth and a pink swing surrounded by sakura flowers.

brown butter cafe sakura pink phone boothPhoto from @estherksz via Instagram

brown butter cafe with pink sakura swing chairPhoto from @lynnettenl via Instagram

If you have an Insta-boyfriend/girlfriend/bff who is willing to get up from their seat and take a photo of you from outside the cafe, here's a cool shot you can get:

brown butter cafe with pink sakura treesPhoto from @callmejessi_ca via Instagram

This limited time sakura decor will last until June 2021 before it changes into a new theme.

Moving on to the food! Avocado is the star of the cafe's menu and it's incorporated into many of their dishes like the Avo-Carbo Pasta ($23), Avo Burger ($23) and Avocado Pancakes ($18).

Avocado Carbonara PastaPhoto from Brown Butter


green Avocado burger with nacho chipsPhoto from Brown Butter

Avocado panckaes with fruitsPhoto from Brown Butter

For those who aren't fans of this superfood, there are also non-avocado menu items to choose from like the Lobster Mayo Toastie ($32) and Salmon Mentaiko Cheese Toastie ($19).

Lobster Mayo ToastiePhoto from @lynnettenl via Instagram

Salmon Mentaiko Cheese ToastiePhoto from Brown Butter

One of their signature desserts is their Cheesecake ($8.90/slice) which looks just like a cartoon block of cheese in Tom & Jerry. It comes in three flavours: Lemon, Avocado and Beet.

By the way, this cartoon cheesecake is surprisingly easy to make and a home baker has shared her simple recipe to create it yourself at home.

cheesecake at brown butter cafePhoto from @lynnettenl via Instagram

Some new menu additions are the adorable Avocado Cheese Smoothie ($10.90) and Classic Cheese Oreo ($12.90) with a little mouse perched on top of the "cheese block".

Avocado cheese smoothie and oreo cheesecake with mousePhoto from Brown Butter

Brown Butter
Address: 583 Orchard Rd, #01-18/19, Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
Opening hours: 10.30am - 8pm daily
Facebook | Instagram | Menu

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