$0.80 Boat Noodles In 24 Versions Are Served At This Authentic Thai Bistro With Alfresco Dining

$0.80 Boat Noodles In 24 Versions Are Served At This Authentic Thai Bistro With Alfresco Dining

By Karmen on 17 Dec 2020
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Miss eating, shopping until you drop, and then getting massages in Bangkok? Who knows when we're able to live like that again. But until then, there's a bistro in Singapore that offers food and ambience that will make you feel like you're back in Bangkok.

Yishun dwellers would have probably heard of BKK Bistro & Bar, a Thai supper spot that opens until 3am and serves boat noodles for just 80 cents a bowl.

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Located at ORTO, a recreational area with prawning and fishing ponds, BKK Bistro & Bar offers an authentic Thai experience for out-of-Singapore feels.

The bistro has open air seating areas with hanging lights at the central courtyard area creating a relaxing ambience. Although it was Chinese pop music rather than Thai music that was playing through the night, the laid back eatery had distinctive Thai vibes with the pond, and the stainless steel tables and plastic chairs typical of roadside eateries in Thailand.

bkk bistro bar ortho singapore alfresco diningPhoto from BKK Bistro & Bar

Besides the alfresco seats, the highlight of this bistro has to be their ultra affordable boat noodles priced at just $0.80 per bowl.

Boat noodles were originally served from boats in Bangkok's canals where small bowls were used to avoid spilling it while passing between swaying boats. These days, they're still served in small bowls in many restaurants including BKK Bistro & Bar, retaining its identity.

Expect the bowls to be small tasting portions! You'll have to order a few for it to be a substantial meal. The small eaters in my group ordered just three bowls while those with bigger appetites had up to 8 bowls. Of course, how many bowls you can eat will depend on the sides you get too.

small bowls of tom yum boat noodlesPhoto from BKK Bistro & Bar

There are 24 different combinations of boat noodles that you can get. These are the customisable options:

  • 2 soups: tom yum and herb
  • 2 noodles: rice noodles and glass noodles
  • 6 toppings: prawn, beef ball, beef slice, pork ball, pork liver, pork slice

Out of the two soups, tom yum was our favourite. It wasn't too spicy or overwhelmingly rich but had a fragrant, milky flavour and enough of a kick - perfect when paired with beer. They offer a range of beers including Hoegaarden, Budweiser and Heineken. If you're going in a group of drinkers, you can go for the Stella Artois Tower ($75.80).

tom yum boat noodlesPhoto from BKK Bistro & Bar


herb boat noodles at bkk bistro barPhoto from BKK Bistro & Bar

While the boat noodles were pretty decent, what would make us go back is definitely the price tag and seeing all the bowls laid out on a table in its glory.

BKK Bistro & BarPhoto from BKK Bistro & Bar

As each bowl only has a small portion of meat, you'll probably want to add on some sides. Some popular ones are the Crispy Fried Chicken Mid Wing ($6.80), Crispy Pork Belly ($10.80) and Fried Luncheon Meat ($7.80).

roasted pork at bkk bistro barPhoto from BKK Bistro & Bar

fried luncheon meat at bkk bistro barPhoto from BKK Bistro & Bar

fried chicken wings at bkk bistro barPhoto from BKK Bistro & Bar

Here's a tip, make sure to bring an umbrella in case it starts raining as the queueing area isn't sheltered. If there's a slight drizzle, the bistro staff will provide umbrellas to diners seated at the areas without shelter.

BKK Bistro & Bar
Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, 01-09A ORTO, Singapore 769198
Opening hours: 5.30pm - 3am
Website: facebook.com/BKK.Bistro.SG

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