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Refresh Your Look For 2021 With Hidden Highlights, The Hottest Hair Trend Right Now

Refresh Your Look For 2021 With Hidden Highlights, The Hottest Hair Trend Right Now

By Wei Yin on 27 Nov 2020
Digital Editor

Hair trends come and go very quickly but we foresee that hidden highlights, which can be said were made popular by BLACKPINK's Lisa, will probably stay popular for quite some time.


Although hidden hair highlights are not new, it's the hottest hair trend right now and that's because they are versatile, stylish and low maintenance.

Read on to find out more about this hair trend!

BLACKPINK Lisa with hidden highlightsPhoto from @lalalalisa_m via Instagram

Hidden highlights, also known as underlights, involves highlighting the bottom layer of your hair while leaving the top section untouched.

This style lets you show off your highlights only when you want to, for example when you tie up your hair, or when the wind blows and the highlights come through in a peek-a-boo style.

You can choose any colour you like, but definitely go for something lighter than your natural hair colour to achieve the best effect.

BLACKPINK's Lisa hidden highlights selfiePhoto from @lalalalisa_m via Instagram


Although you have the option to highlight the entire bottom layer of your hair, you can also take inspiration from Lisa, where she only highlighted two strips of hair on both sides of her face.

Here are some more examples of hidden highlights you can consider trying:

Silver hidden hair highlights Photo from @harts_salon via Instagram

Red hidden hair highlightsPhoto from @harts_salon via Instagram

Almost any colour would go well with hidden highlights so you can always customise and choose something that reflects your personality and style. They are also subtle, since they are partially obscured which is great if you want to dye your hair without looking too extravagant.

Hidden hair highlights different hairstylesPhoto from @harts_salon via Instagram

Different types of hairstyles on hidden highlights hairPhoto from @harts_salon via Instagram

It's also extremely versatile! Hidden highlights are still going to look good regardless of whether you have long or short hair, curly or straight hair, or prefer tying up or letting down your locks.

Tie your hair up on days you want to let your highlights peek through and leave your hair down to hide them on work days.

Blue hidden highlights on black hairPhoto from @harts_salon via Instagram

You know how it's annoying to have to deal with grown out hair roots when you dye your entire head of hair but with hidden highlights, you won't have to worry about it anymore!

As the highlights are only at the bottom layer of your hair, your upper layer of hair will hide any grown out hair roots, and that means you don't have to head to the salon as often to touch up.

Feeling convinced to try this hair trend? Well, you have the upcoming new year as an excuse to refresh your look!

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