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6 Korean Celebrity Hair Trends In The Second Half Of 2020 You Need To Try For A New Look

6 Korean Celebrity Hair Trends In The Second Half Of 2020 You Need To Try For A New Look

By Wei Yin on 06 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

Apart from nail trends to try, the second half of 2020 has given us many inspiration for new hair looks as well.


If you are looking to change up your look, here is a list of six beautiful hair trends made popular by Korean celebrities you need to try!

Check them out below!

#1 Dyed fringe - BLACKPINK's Jennie

BLACKPINK Jennie with black and pink hairPhoto from @jennierubyjane via Instagram

BLACKPINK Jennie with black and blonde hairPhoto from @jennierubyjane via Instagram

K-pop's hottest girl group, BLACKPINK, made their comeback with a new song recently and the members managed to stun fans with their hair transformations where Jennie's dyed fringe hairstyle became the talk of the town!

Her newest hairstyle involves her sectioning a small portion of her hair away in the front to act as fringe to frame her face and then bleaching it to achieve a blonde colour. Blonde and black are so different but somehow look so good together! She sports pink or silver fringe for some of her performances and we guess it's all thanks to hairsprays.


If you want to try this dyed fringe look, we suggest going for blonde as well because it's a good base colour for you to use hairspray to change up the colour. If not, black and pink are also a match made in heaven!

#2 Caramel brown hair colour - Han So Hee

Han So Hee with caramel brown hair in K-dramaPhoto from @jtbcdrama via Instagram

Han So Hee caramel brown hair for magazine photoshootPhoto from @xeesoxee via Instagram

Han So Hee's caramel brown hair colour also created a buzz when she was starring in popular K-drama, The World of the Married. Other celebrities spotted with a mane of caramel brown hair are Jessica Jung, TWICE's Sana, Lee Sung Kyung and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.

Caramel brown is a gorgeous colour with brownish and reddish tones that will brighten your complexion. It looks great on both straight and curly hair, and is a versatile hair shade perfect for all seasons and occasions. If you are looking for a hair colour that isn't too overwhelmingly bright but still noticeable, this is the one to try.

We also recommend pairing this hair colour with an orangey brown eyeshadow to complete the look!

#3 Short baby hair/wispy bangs - Pony 


Pony with short baby hair bangsPhoto from @ponysmakeup via Instagram

Pony with wispy bangsPhoto from @ponysmakeup via Instagram

If you have high cheekbones and want to accentuate them, short baby hair or wispy bangs like Pony's will look good on you. As it only frames your forehead unlike other bangs styles, it brings attention to your best feature, which is your cheekbones.

This bangs style also gives you a youthful and cute look, and is great for those who like tying their hair up. There are many other kinds of baby hair bangs style you can consider going for, all spotted on different celebrities such as Girls' Generation's Seohyun and IU.

#4 Subtle hair highlights - Red Velvet's Joy

Joy with blonde highlightsPhoto from @_imyour_joy via Instagram

Red Velvet's Joy hair highlightsPhoto from @_imyour_joy via Instagram

Highlights are back in trend and Red Velvet's Joy's luscious hair with blonde highlights is to-die-for! We love how subtle it is but also enough to spruce up a plain black outfit. Instead of those old-fashioned highlights on your entire head of hair, take inspiration from Joy and opt for highlights only on a few strands.


If blonde highlights are not your kind of thing, here are other stunning highlight styles you can go for.

#5 Curtain bangs - Suzy

Suzy with curtain bangsPhoto from @skuukzky via Instagram

Suzy with curtain bangs for a photoshootPhoto from @skuukzky via Instagram

Forget about airy bangs in the second half of 2020 because Suzy's curtain bangs are going to be the next big thing! Conventional curtain bangs are parted directly down the middle and pushed to the sides but Suzy's curtain bangs are more natural-looking with a small middle parting.

Rather than pushing her bangs all the way to the sides, she lets them flow naturally down her forehead with a slight part in the middle, and the ends of her fringe curled.

This is such a cute look and something you can consider going for if your aim is to look more fresh-faced!

#6 Middle parting - Song Hye Kyo

Song Hyekyo with middle partingPhoto from @kyo1122 via Instagram

Song Hye Kyo middle parting hairstylePhoto from @kyo1122 via Instagram

Actress Song Hye Kyo is 38 this year but she definitely doesn't look her age! We are guessing her hairstyle plays a big part in making her look more youthful.

Not everybody can pull off the middle parting hairstyle but if you have a round face shape like hers, this can help to give the illusion of a slimmer face and make you look younger too. Pair with curled long side bangs or wispy bangs and you will look even more ethereal!

Which of these hair trends will you be trying out next?

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