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Cat Paw Makeup Brush, Lip Balm, Night Lights & More You Can Shop Online In Singapore

Cat Paw Makeup Brush, Lip Balm, Night Lights & More You Can Shop Online In Singapore

By Karmen on 30 Oct 2020
Digital Editor

Some say that a cat's paw has a de-stressing and emotionally healing effect on humans. If you don't have a cat companion in your life, surrounding yourself with things that look like cat paws might be the next best thing.


Keep reading to check out 10 cat paw items you can shop online on! 

CATISS Cat Paw Lip Balm four coloursPhoto from CATISS

close up of CATISS Cat Paw Lip BalmPhoto from CATISS

This made-in-Taiwan lip balm comes in an adorable cat paw-shaped tube. The cat toe beans have a realistic texture and they can be squeezed just like a real cat's paw. It features paw prints on the inside gold tone packaging and has a magnetic closure.

Even the lip balm bullet is shaped like a cat's paw!

CATISS Cat Paw Lip Balm bulletPhoto from CATISS


Unlike many gimmicky makeup products, this lip balm has substance beyond its cute looks. It's packed with moisturising ingredients like rose hip oil, Aloe Barbadensis extract and hyaluronic filling spheres. The lip balm is also refillable and comes in a range of flavours including Rose, Honey, Vanilla and Berries.

Get the CATISS Cat Paw Lip Balm + 1 free refill here -> for $33.90.

pink Cats Meöw Cat's Paw Makeup BrushPhoto from Cats Meöw

Cats Meöw is another Taiwanese brand that appreciates the cuteness of cat paws. Their adorable retractable makeup brush has a 3D shape of a cat's paw so you can feel like a cat is helping you put on your makeup. The gorgeous dusty pink colour is another added plus.

Get the Cats Meöw Cat's Paw Makeup Brush here -> for $15.20, U.P. $17.50.

Starbucks Sakura Cat Paw Double Wall GlassPhoto from sodagirls via


Remember the chaos that ensued when this Starbucks cat paw glass cup was released in China last year? Well, you can now shop for this in a more comfortable manner from your phone or computer.

The double layer glass walls aren't just serve aesthetic purposes, the design also helps keep drinks warm or cold and is more comfortable to hold.

Get the Starbucks Sakura Cat Paw Double Wall Glass here -> for $18.99, U.P. $41.99.

white and pink Cat Paw AirPods CasePhoto from zhengu via

You get to squish a cat paw whenever you listen to music, what could be better? This AirPods case comes in pink and white.

Get the Cat Paw AirPods Case here -> for $2.99, U.P. $6.81.

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Cat Paw Correction Tap & Roller GluePhoto from wulimonkey via

Remember how easy it was to fix your homework mistakes with correction tape? This function is also used for glue where you can simply slide the roller over a surface. Besides saving on messiness and stickiness, it also allows for a more precise glue application.

This adorable cat paw roller glue will make you want to start crafting again. It comes with correction tape on one side and glue on the other end.

Get the Cat Paw Roller Glue here -> for $2.02, U.P. $4.03.

 Cat Paw Key CapsPhoto from nuoyoupin via

These adorable key caps have an aluminium base and silicone "cat toe beans" so they're soft to the touch while you're typing away on your keyboard. The colours are customisable!


Get the Cat Paw Key Caps here -> for $11.90 each, U.P. $23.80.

Cat Paw Mouse Pad in pink, grey and blackPhoto from doublebuy via

Continuing the office theme is this anti-slip cat paw mouse pad that also functions as a wrist rest. It comes in silver, pink and black.

Get the Cat Paw Mouse Pad here -> for $11.90, U.P. $15.08.

blue Cat Paw Socks with toe beansPhoto from happydo.stoes via

assorted colours of Cat Paw Socks with toe beansPhoto from happydo.stoes via


These cute socks look pretty ordinary except when the soles of your feet are revealed. At the bottom of the socks is a cat paw print so you can channel your inner feline while wearing it.

Get the Cat Paw Socks here -> for $1.30, U.P. $4.04.

grey Cat Night LightPhoto from bigselina via

pink Cat Night LightPhoto from bigselina via

This LED night light looks like a cute decor piece by day and provides a gentle ambient light at night.

This is perfect for those who use their phones in darkness before bed because they're too lazy to get up to switch the lights off. You can place it at your bedside to have a cosy light source that you can switch off easily. It comes in grey and pink.

Get the Cat Night Light here -> for $13.57, U.P. $33.92.


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brown, pink and white Cat Paw Oven MittsPhoto from olivia8881 via

Cat Paw Oven MittsPhoto from olivia8881 via

You can celebrate your love for cats while baking too! These oven mitts are non-stick, flexible and easy to clean. It comes in three designs.

Get the Cat Paw Oven Mitts here -> for $7.97 - $8.04.

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