4 Ways To Style Sunglasses Fashionably For Different Types Of Outfits & Occasions

4 Ways To Style Sunglasses Fashionably For Different Types Of Outfits & Occasions

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By Wei Yin on 08 Oct 2020
Digital Editor

Singapore's sunny and hot weather is the perfect excuse for you to head out in sunglasses not only to protect your eyes from UV rays, but to also act as an accessory to complete your #OOTD.

If you're not sure how, here are four ways to style sunglasses fashionably for the different occasions in life.

Read on to find out more!

#1 For exercising

Those who love exercising in the outdoors will know the struggle of having to squint their eyes while under the hot sun. That's why wearing a pair of sunglasses while working out is extremely important because extended exposure to the sun's UV rays can cause cataracts and compromise eye health.

Transparent frame sunglasses
Photo from GirlStyle SG

Most people opt for darker fitness outfits to conceal sweat stains and dirt, so we recommend adding a pop of colour to your outfit by choosing sunglasses with brighter frames. A classy and versatile transparent frame like the one in the image above is perfect as it can be easily matched with any outfit of any colour.

Model in fitness wear with transparent frame sunglasses
Photo from @intancha88 via Instagram

There is also no need to worry about your after-exercise outfit as the same pair of sunglasses with a trendy, chic cat eye frame will match seamlessly with your favourite dress or jeans.

#2 For dress down days at work

Fridays are usually dress down days for many at work but you will still need to look presentable! An easy way to look more put together despite being in casual wear is by accessorising so it looks like you put in more effort than you actually did.

Navy frame sunglasses
Photo from GirlStyle SG

A pair of sunglasses with navy frames will be suitable for work as it isn't too bright, but is still capable of sprucing up your outfit. Plus, a timeless colour like navy works with most office outfits and wearing one will instantly make you channel #GirlBoss vibes.

Model wearing navy sunglasses
Photo from @foxedrose via Instagram

Pair the sunglasses with a plaid outerwear or midi dress that will take you from work to play. You can also push the sunglasses to the top of your head and leave it there for a laid-back look to match with your dress down outfits.

#3 For brunch

Time for cafe hopping adventures on Saturdays to unwind after a busy week! This is the time to go all out and dress up so you can snap as many photos as possible for the 'gram.

Pink sunglasses with pearls
Photo from GirlStyle SG

Pink is probably the best colour to go for to match with your sundresses and casual cafe outfits. The pastel pink on this pair of sunglasses paired with the luxe pearl details on the arms will instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit you have on.

Model wearing pink sunglasses with pearls
Photo from @sodapopp via Instagram

When you're out in the sun trying to get the best shot of your #OOTD, leave the sunglasses on your face to protect your eyes and to act as an accessory as well. But when you're in the cafe enjoying your brunch, you can push the sunglasses up for a relaxed look.

#4 For a picnic date

Bask in nature and breathe in fresh air by going on a picnic date to spend time with bae.

Purple sunglasses
Photo from GirlStyle SG

This is also the time to experiment with something you usually wouldn't so you can wow your partner! The light purple for this pair of sunglasses is translucent so it tones down the brightness and can be easily paired with any pastel outfit perfect for a picnic date.

Model in pastel outerwear and purple sunglasses
Photo from GirlStyle SG

Pair this with dresses or an outerwear with pastel colours for a youthful look.

Sunglasses by Lenicc

Product shot of all 4 sunglasses
Photo from GirlStyle SG

The sunglasses we introduced above are all by Lenicc, a local brand that has brought together the optical, medical and fashion field to fulfil a simple vision - premium and fashionable eyewear that makes a difference.

Each pair of sunglasses is entirely customisable from its frame to its arms and lenses' colour which means what you're getting is one-of-a-kind, based completely on your own preferences.

Lenicc's lenses has both UVA and UVB radiation protection

Sunglasses focus on lens
Photo from Lenicc

While you're able to purchase sunglasses easily on any random website on the internet, we can't stress enough on the importance of wearing sunglasses with high quality lenses that will provide adequate protection for your eyes!

Lenicc only uses premium POLARISED CR-39 lenses that are capable of blocking all UVA and UVB radiation that cause premature ageing and eye damage.

The lenses not only provide a view with minimised glare, they are also durable with scratch resistant coating as well as anti-reflective and oleophobic (oil repellent) coatings. Note that most sunglasses out on the market don't come with the anti-glare coating (except for the branded ones) but Lenicc's sunglasses do!

Lenicc's sunglasses are designed for everyone, especially Asians

Lenicc sunglasses with raised fit
Photo from Lenicc

Don't you just hate it when you wear generic sunglasses purchased online that will slip off your nose every few minutes?

As the facial features of Asians and Caucasians are different, an improper fitting may cause issues such as headache and dizziness, and not to mention that annoying feeling when the frame or lenses touch your cheeks and eyelashes.

This is where Lenicc's sunglasses with a raised-fit comes in! While there is no one size fits all solution, these modifications facilitate the perfect contouring so as to ensure a comfortable fit for your facial features:

  • Lenses: The base curves of these lenses are tweaked and flattened to follow your facial contours better
  • Frame: The pantoscopic tilt angle is reduced to adjust for higher cheekbone features
  • Nose pads: The depth and angle is steepened to cater to relatively flatter nose bridges

Lenicc's 10.10 promotion

Lenicc wellness kit
Photo from GirlStyle SG

Lenicc has also partnered with other wellness brands to bring you the best of both worlds - high quality sunglasses and products that will help you unwind after a tiring day at work.

SIX is a homegrown artisanal fragrance label made in collaboration with world-renowned perfumers. Petale is known for their artisanal blooming tea in an exquisitely hand sewn tea ball.

For the upcoming 10.10 promotion, customers who make a purchase of one pair of sunglasses from 10 - 31 October 2020 will receive a care kit consisting the discovery set of three scents by SIX and four tea balls by Petale in their signature classic and lychee flavours.

The four sunglasses introduced above are selling at an affordable price of $135 - $175 each (and these prices are inclusive of the three scents and four tea balls). Limited numbers of the care kits are available so shop here now and customise your very own sunglasses!

This post is brought to you by Lenicc Eyewear. 

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