There’s A New My Melody EZ-Link Charm Sold At Cheers Singapore For $16.90

There’s A New My Melody EZ-Link Charm Sold At Cheers Singapore For $16.90

By Rachel on 18 Aug 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Yes, it’s yet another character-themed EZ-Link Charm, and a Sanrio one at that - even though it hasn’t been long since the release of the My Melody 45th anniversary EZ-Link cards, LINE FRIENDS beach-themed EZ-Charm, and BT21 EZ-Link Charm, among many others.

This time it’s a kawaii My Melody one. It’s already out in Cheers stores in Singapore and costs just $16.90.

Read on to find out more about the new My Melody EZ-Link Charm!

My Melody EZ-Link Charm Photo from EZ-Link

From the looks of it, this My Melody EZ-Link charm is made of a plasticky material, which means it’s waterproof, durable, and easy to clean - convenient features to have if you’re always chucking your stuff about.

Though fairly simple in design - with the hooded rabbit holding a pink cupcake - the colours on this are striking and attractive.


This My Melody EZ-Charm will be progressively available at selected Cheers convenience store branches across Singapore from today onwards, till stock last. View the list of outlets here.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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