7 Reasons To Adopt A Minimalist Lifestyle In Singapore

7 Reasons To Adopt A Minimalist Lifestyle In Singapore

By Karmen on 07 Aug 2020
Digital Editor

Minimalism is not a new concept at all but these days of staying at home might has prompted me to consider adopting it as a lifestyle.

While generating more trash from delivery and takeout meals and being surrounded by clutter at home, it has triggered a desire to go minimalist.

I've found seven reasons why a minimalist lifestyle has made me a lot happier.

Keep reading to check them out! 

#1 A small HDB flat will look and feel more spacious

minimalist bedroom with side table and bathtubPhoto from Sofie Zbořilová from Pixabay

Like many homes in Singapore, mine is short on space and owning a lot of things made it look even smaller and feel cramped.

Less stuff = less clutter! Paring down to basic furniture and owning only what I actually needed and used on an everyday basis resulted in more open spaces and less clutter. This automatically made my small flat look and feel more spacious.

#2 Having a more aesthetically pleasing home

minimalist kitchen and dining room with wood tonesPhoto from giovanni gargiulo from Pixabay

Do you ever walk into a Muji store and wish your home looked like that? Well, a minimalist lifestyle is the way to do it. The simple Japanese-style or Korean-style interior design can only be achieved if there's no clutter in your home.

#3 More time

asian girl reading in cafePhoto from Pinterest

Less belongings means less time spent cleaning, organising and finding them. This frees up time so you can spend it on the priorities in your life like hobbies and quality time with friends and family.

#4 Own high quality & classic things

women's black office stiletto heels with pointed toePhoto from Bella Zhong from Pixabay

Living a minimalist life will prompt you to think carefully about what you buy.


For example, I only wanted to own one pair of work shoes so I went with a pair of timeless, high quality shoes that will last rather than 10 pairs of cheap trendy shoes that will break easily.

#5 Lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle

asian girl wearing beige jacket and black jeans at homePhoto from Pinterest

At the rate that we're generating waste, Semakau landfill will run out of space by 2035.

I was stuck in a cycle of owning a lot of things that I didn't need, getting rid of them and then replacing them with new things that I still didn't need. Just the thought of my contribution to the waste in landfills makes me incredibly guilty.

Minimalism has made me realise that more is not better and helped reduce my eco-footprint. Check out 10 easy & affordable ways to lead a more environmentally friendly life.

#6 Still own a lot of what you love

woman carrying a small Burberry bagPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Is there something that you love buying and collecting like lipsticks or bags? Well, a minimalist lifestyle does have space for it!

Minimalism is not actually about purging your home and depriving yourself of things. It's about being mindful of your purchases and not blindly buying things for the sake of it, surrounding yourself with stuff that you don't actually care about.

Let's say you're passionate about designer bags, you can still keep your collection and accumulate more while refraining from buying everything else that doesn't add value to your life.

#7 Spend more on experiences

kpop idol boys eating korean foodPhoto from Pinterest

Buying material things can give us a rush of euphoria but that's only temporary. What I look back on with joy are memories rather than having objects and these memories are made through experiences.

Spending less on material possessions means you can spend more on experiences with your loved ones like having a long chat over Korean BBQ. Check out some new ideas for dates and outings in Singapore with your boyfriend or squad this August 2020.

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