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First Look At Hit C-Drama "Go Go Squid!" Spin-Off With Hu Yi Tian Reprising His Role As DT

First Look At Hit C-Drama "Go Go Squid!" Spin-Off With Hu Yi Tian Reprising His Role As DT

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By Wei Yin on 09 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

The 2019 Chinese romantic comedy, Go Go Squid! (亲爱的, 热爱的), starring Yang Zi and Li Xian was such a hit that a spin-off was confirmed shortly after its run.


Fast forward a year later, the official Weibo account for the spin-off revealed a series of posters to hype fans up for its release.

Read on to find out more!

Poster of DT, Appledog's Time new dramaPhoto from @电视剧亲爱的挚爱的 via Weibo

Although our beloved Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan will no longer be the focus in the spin-off, fans will be glad to know that Hu Yi Tian (胡一天) who played DT, aka Wu Bai in Go Go Squid! will be reprising his role in Go Go Squid 2: DT, Appledog's Time (亲爱的, 挚爱的)!

Hu Yi Tian and Li Yi TongPhoto from @电视剧亲爱的挚爱的 via Weibo

He and Li Yi Tong (李一桐) who will plays Ai Qing aka Appledog, will make up the male and female leads of the spin-off.

In the first instalment, it was made known to viewers that DT has a crush on Appledog but their relationship never had the chance to progress. However, the new posters seem to hint that fans will be able to see a lot more sweet moments between them in the spin-off!


Actors sitting on the grass in poster for DT, Appledog's TimePhoto from @电视剧亲爱的挚爱的 via Weibo

The official Weibo account for the drama wrote a few sentences describing the relationship between the two lead characters: "He is the king in competitions but off stage, he is my boy" and "Ai Qing is everybody's idol, but she is my one and only love". How sweet!

Go Go Squid 2 posterPhoto from @电视剧亲爱的挚爱的 via Weibo

Filming for the drama is still ongoing but it probably won't be too long before it starts broadcasting.

Go Go Squid! posterPhoto from Go Go Squid!

Rumour has it that Yang Zi and Li Xian will be making a cameo as Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan and this definitely adds on to the excitement!

While waiting eagerly for it to start broadcasting, why not rewatch or try watching Go Go Squid! on Netflix?

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