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10 Signs He's The Right One That You Should Marry

10 Signs He's The Right One That You Should Marry

By Karmen on 10 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

If you've been with your boyfriend for a while now, a question that might have come to mind (or forcefully asked by a nosy relative) is 'is he the one I should marry?'


Marriage is a big commitment and there are many boxes that need ticking before you go through with it. While all couples are different and there's no way to be certain if someone is marriage material, there are a few signs that there's a good chance that your significant other is 'the one'.

Keep reading to find out the signs that the guy you're with is the one you should marry! 

#1 He embraces all your flaws 

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An important quality to look for in a husband is his ability to love everything about you, including the good and the bad.

If your boyfriend knows all your personality flaws, seen your ugliest and darkest side, and still sticks by you all the time, it's a good sign he's ready to commit to you in the long haul.

#2 You tell him everything


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You've probably heard the phrase 'communication is key' a million times and that couldn't be more true when it comes to picking a spouse.

Do you feel free to confide in your boyfriend about your fears, politically incorrect opinions embarrassing or traumatic memories and unrealistic dreams without being judged or mocked? If you boyfriend wants to hear all these things and really listen to you, you could consider putting a ring on it.

#3 He's your number one fan

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Notice how your boyfriend describes you to others. His enthusiasm and choice of words can say a lot about how much he cherishes you and appreciates who you are.

If your boyfriend is the first person you want to share news of your achievements with and when you do he's proud of you and excited for you, he's a keeper!

#4 He's excited to do nothing with you


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Almost anyone would look forward to partying and doing other fun activities with you, but someone who truly loves you will be excited simply by the thought of your company.

A guy who enjoys doing nothing in particular with you like cuddling in front of the TV is serious husband material.

#5 He's happy to be your personal assistant

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The little things can reveal a lot about how much you can trust him and rely on him for support. If your boyfriend is happy to run errands for you and be your PA occasionally without complaining, he's marriage material!

#6 He makes you a better person

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Rather than letting small grievances pile up and eventually explode, a good candidate for a husband lets you know about your bad habits and shortcomings at once. He'll also set a good example and make you feel motivated to be a better person.

#7 He makes an effort to be better

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Likewise, when you offer him feedback on his bad habits, he should be receptive of it and make an effort to improve.

#8 Your relationship strengthens after travelling together

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Travelling with your boyfriend is one of the best tests for your relationship. Planning a trip down to every last detail and spending 24/7 with someone in a foreign land requires your communication and teamwork to be on point. Travelling can also be extremely stressful and unpredictable.

If you not only survive but grow closer after travelling together, it's a sign that your relationship will last through just about anything and you can sign those papers without hesitation.


#9 He has a strong relationship with his family and old friends

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A good sign that he'll be a great member of your family is if he has a strong relationship with his family as well as his chosen family, aka friends, especially childhood friends!

It's proof that he can sustain relationships though good and bad times and make the effort to stay connected with friends.

#10 He prioritises couple time

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There's a popular belief called the seven-year itch where a relationship declines or falls apart after seven years together. One sign that you will be able to get past this is if he puts 'couple time' as his number one priority.

In a long-term relationship, things can take over your life like work, hobbies, friends and children. If he figures out a way to stay connected and spend time with you even when he's busy, it's a good sign he'll be a great husband.

Of course, if you tick all the boxes on this list too, it's a sign that you're wife material! While you're reflecting on your relationship, find out what your go-to couple hug says about you and your partner.

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