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5 Simple Ways To Stop Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night To Go To The Bathroom

5 Simple Ways To Stop Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night To Go To The Bathroom

By Karmen on 09 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

With a busy schedule and a never-ending list of K-dramas to watch, getting enough sleep is already a major challenge.


What makes things worse is getting our sleep cycle interrupted when we wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom!

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It commonly happens with pregnant women, the elderly and those with certain medical conditions like diabetes. If you don't fit into these three groups of people but your bladder still wakes you up at night, there are some easy ways you can prevent it.

Keep reading to find out how! 

#1 Avoid liquids 4-6 hours before bedtime

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Avoid drinks and any water-rich food like fruits and vegetables four to six hours before you go to bed.


This should give the fluids you consume enough time to be processed through your body so you can release it right before you go to bed and sleep through the night.

Keep in mind that you should still stay hydrated throughout the day!

#2 Avoid diuretic food & drinks

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Diuretics remove sodium and chloride from the body in the urine. In turn, sodium and chloride draw excess water from the body, making you produce more urine.

Some diuretic food and drinks are caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, citrus fruits and artificial sweeteners. If they're a big part of your diet, it's time to limit your intake!

#3 Elevate your legs during the day

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If you experience swelling in your ankles or legs, this could be a reason that you're waking up to urinate.

When fluids build up in your lower extremities during the day, it absorbs into the bloodstream when you lie down to sleep. The kidneys respond by creating more urine so your body can flush the excess fluid out of your system.

Try to keep your legs elevated throughout the day or keep your feet raised to the level of your heart periodically to prevent fluids from building up in your legs. You can also use compression socks and stockings to help distribute fluids.

#4 Eat more fibrous food

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Do get the urge to urinate in the middle of your sleep but only release a tiny trickle in the bathroom?

There are many possible causes for this but if you also experience frequent constipation, that might be it! When you're constipated, your bowel is overly full and may press on the bladder, reducing the amount of urine it can hold. This may make you feel like you need to urinate even though your bladder isn't full.

Include more high-fibre foods in your diet and cut down on processed food to avoid getting constipated.

#5 Practice good sleeping habits

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Another reason that you don't produce much pee may be insomnia. Sometimes, an inability to sleep through the night is the real culprit instead of the need to urinate.

Practice good sleeping habits like going to bed and waking up at consistent timings, exercising regularly and avoiding daytime naps. These habits will help you fall asleep faster and prevent night awakenings.

While these tips might help reduce your need to urinate in the middle of the night, frequent nighttime urination may be caused by an underlying medical issue. In this case, lifestyle changes won't address the problem and it's best for you to consult a doctor.

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