The Causes Of 4 Common Skin Problems & How To Get Rid Of Them

The Causes Of 4 Common Skin Problems & How To Get Rid Of Them

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ByKarmen on 09 Jul 2020 Digital Editor

If your skincare products don't work as well as you had hoped, you're not alone. Finding the right ones takes time and effort. If you're baffled by the grand claims made by skincare companies, we're here to help!

Ignore all that marketing jargon and find out what's causing your skin issues and the skincare ingredients that will tackle them effectively. When shopping for skincare products, look through the ingredient list and see if it has what you need.

A brand that's known to have skincare products packed with essential ingredients and simplified to get the job done is Shero Ching. Their glowing reviews seem almost too good to be true so we put them to the test!

Keep reading to find out the causes of four common skin issues, the ingredients that will get rid of them and how well Shero Ching products fared! 

#1 Blackheads

One of the most common and relentless skincare woes is blackheads! These little bumps form when your pores become clogged with dead skin cells and excess oil. They oxidise and turn black when exposed to air.

The way to get rid of blackheads and stop new ones from forming is to use a gentle exfoliator twice a week. Stay away from harsh exfoliators that contain beads as they cause micro tears in your skin. Instead, go for gentle exfoliating ingredients like retinol, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

Shero Ching Bye Bye Blackheads
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The exfoliator that we tested is the Shero Ching Bye Bye Blackheads ($30) which contains a blackhead softening liquid rich in natural organic acid components including glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is known to be particularly effective as it is made of smaller molecules which can penetrate into the skin to dissolve sebum and dead skin cells, discharging the blackheads.

peeling off nose mask Shero Ching Bye Bye Blackheads
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The three-step process took Weiyin about 20 minutes to complete. Step 1 is to apply the Derived Liquid which helps soften the blackheads. Step 2 is the White Nose Mask which pulls out the blackheads and whiteheads. In step 3, the Shrink Pores Essence closes the pores to prevent new blackheads from forming.

before and after using Shero Ching Bye Bye Blackheads
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

With just a single use, there was a visible difference in her skin. The amount of blackheads on her nose was greatly reduced, her pores shrank and her skin was much smoother. Although she experienced a mild tingling sensation, the product didn't cause any irritation to her sensitive skin.

While blackheads would quickly form again when Weiyin used her usual pore strips, her skin remained clear days after using Bye Bye Blackheads.

#2 Enlarged pores

Besides having oily skin, ageing is also a major factor that could make your pores look bigger. The skin starts to lose its elasticity when we're in our 20s which causes it to stretch and sag, making pores appear larger.

What will restore your pores to its former youthful glory is collagen. Collagen makes up the main support structure for smooth, supple skin and tighter pores. Other beneficial ingredients include lactic acid and coenzyme Q10.

Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask ($40) contains collagen which will lift and tighten the skin, boost skin elasticity and shrink enlarged pores. It also contains honey which has antioxidants, antiseptic and antibacterial properties to remove impurities from pores while hydrating and tightening them.

woman applying Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask
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While applying the mask, Rachel was surprised that it had the look, consistency and scent of honey! She felt a tightening sensation on her skin while it dried.

before and after using Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask on skin with enlarged pores
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

After Rachel applied the mask, her skin was lifted and her facial features looked more defined. Her skin also felt smoother and firmer to the touch with less visible pores.

#3 Dullness & loss of elasticity

Premature ageing, dehydration, stress, a lack of sleep, sun damage and air pollutants are some of the causes of dull skin that has lost its elasticity. A poor diet, smoking and dehydration are also contributors.

If you want to wake up with bright, glowing skin without the use of makeup, look out for skincare products that contain vitamin C, hydrolysed elastin and retinol.

 Shero Ching Lifting Sheet Mask
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The Shero Ching Lifting Sheet Mask ($36) contains ingredients like hydrolysed elastin which traps moisture and stimulates cell growth so the skin is smoother and more radiant over time. The mask also brightens skin with Sophora flavescens root and reduces sun damage with Aloe barbadensis leaf extract.

I have dull skin and my facial features are less defined than when I was in my early twenties so I was keen to see if this mask would live up to the hype.

before and after using Shero Ching Lifting Sheet Mask on dull premature ageing skin
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

After leaving it on for 20 minutes, the first thing I noticed was that my complexion was much brighter. My skin also felt hydrated and my cheek and eye area looked smoother and lifted.

As someone who doesn't like spending time on skincare, this fuss-free sheet mask is a joy to use for a quick pick-me-up. The only downside is that each sheet costs $7.20. Then again, seeing instantaneous results makes it worth the splurge.

#4 Pigmented skin

When the skin produces more melanin, this can lead to dark spots or patches of skin that appear darker than surrounding areas. This is commonly caused by sun damage, inflammation and acne.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must and it's best if you reapply every three hours. Some skincare ingredients to look out for are niacinamide which fights free radical damage, vitamin E which strengthens the capillary walls in your skin and vitamin B which helps to delay the signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and dark spots. 

Shero Ching luxury cream
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The plant-based Shero Ching Luxury Cream ($38) contains jojoba oil which is rich in vitamins E and B. It also contains shea butter which nourishes and moisturises the skin while lupeol cinnamate helps minimise inflammation and prevent skin mutations.

True to its name, the cream has a thick, creamy consistency. It looks like an opaque white cream but when it's blended into the skin, it creates a natural brightening effect without any ashiness.

woman with hyperpigmentation using Shero Ching luxury cream
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Angela has sun spots on her cheeks that won't go away even after trying a myriad of skincare products. After just a week of using the Luxury Cream, she noticed that her overall complexion looked brighter and more even. It also made her skin much smoother and softer.

The chances of these Shero Ching products working for you as well as it did for us are pretty high, considering their targeted ingredients and simple formulas. Plus, you can't beat the pocket-friendly prices!

To add on to that, we have an exclusive promo for GirlStyle readers. From now till 9 August 2020, get a free box of Medical Compressed Mask (contains 5 sheets) with any 2 products purchased and free delivery for your online order at! Simply enter 'GSSGDEL' at checkout.

The Medical Compressed Mask is a high quality cosmeceutical facial mask made under extremely stringent pharmaceutical quality standards. It's suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin.

Shero Ching Medical Compressed Mask
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