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12 Common Skincare Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Now For Better Skin

12 Common Skincare Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Now For Better Skin

By Wei Yin on 19 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Do you find yourself investing in expensive skincare products or having an extensive skincare routine, but still don't see any results?


That could be because of some common mistakes you make that you didn't know would actually affect your skin's health and appearance.

So, we have compiled a list of 12 common skincare mistakes people make unintentionally. When avoided, you will definitely see results in the long run.

Read on to find out more!

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#1 Washing your face more than two times a day

This is not something many do but there are still people out there who wash their faces with a cleanser whenever they sweat or when it's oily. What this does is that it strips the face of its natural oils and moisture, making your skin produce more sebum to overcompensate. More sebum production equals higher chances of getting more acne or pimples.

If you have dry skin, skipping the cleansing stage in the morning and just washing your face with lukewarm water will help. If you have combination to oily skin, make sure to wash your face with a cleanser in the morning and night, but nothing more than that!


#2 Over exfoliating

Exfoliating your skin is a great way to remove dead skin cells clogging the pores to reveal brighter and smoother skin. But how most people exfoliate is by using scrubs that contain beads in them and rub them harshly onto the skin. This can actually cause tiny tears in your skin and damage your skin barrier!

Instead, use a salicylic or glycolic-acid cleanser or toner which are more effective. Acids can aid in unclogging pores and give your skin a smoother appearance.

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#3 Not applying sunscreen when indoors

Most people know to apply sunscreen when going outdoors but not many know that applying sunscreen even if you are staying indoors is crucial too. This is a common misconception but sun rays can penetrate through windows which can cause dark spots, wrinkles and textured skin. Just like how sunlight shines into the house, it can also shine onto your skin. So, remember to apply your sunscreen even if you are going to stay home the whole day!

#4 Applying skincare products without washing hands

This might sound like a no-brainer but lots of people actually forget to wash their hands before touching their faces! Your phone, surroundings, vanity table and basically anything has germs so when you touch them and proceed to touch your face, pimples and rashes pop up. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and apply your skincare products right after so you won't forget and go on to touch other things.


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#5 Not applying skincare products after cleansing

We know how good it feels when your face is freshly cleansed but you still need to apply some skincare products on your face after cleansing. Leaving your skin bare causes the dry air to suck moisture out of your skin, which is why you probably feel like your face is tight and dry after a while. Make sure to at least apply toner and a lightweight moisturiser after cleansing.

#6 Popping pimples

Everybody knows how bad it is for your skin when you pop your pimples without a care in the world, yet it's so difficult to resist. However, doing that results in skin damage, inflammation and even scarring! There are other easy ways to reduce the size and appearance of pimples fast so try your best not to pop those pimples!

#7 Piling on skincare products without waiting

When you have so many skincare products waiting to be applied, it feels like it will take an eternity to complete the routine, which is why many people pile on their skincare products as quickly as possible. What this does is that it affects the efficiency of your skincare products as it gets diluted by the previous product you applied onto your face.

Wait a few seconds or minutes until that product has completely absorbed into your face before applying the next one.


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#8 Changing skincare products very frequently 

When that new product launches and you feel like purchasing it, ask yourself if you really need it now. Constantly changing your skincare products is not the way to achieve better skin! Our skin regenerates itself in weeks so it's recommended that you stick to your skincare routine or products for weeks before changing it. Give your skin time to heal and look better before tossing that product aside!

#9 Not doing double cleansing

This is a skincare tip a lot of ladies swear by so if you are not doing it, it's time to try! Even if that cleanser says it's effective in removing dirt and makeup, simply using that to remove all traces of makeup and grime on your face will not do your skin good. We recommend using an oil based cleanser that will melt off makeup before cleansing your face with your usual cleanser.

#10 Washing your face too quickly

Who is guilty of doing this? It's hard to stand there and thoroughly wash your face when you are rushing for time but you need to wash your face for at least 60 seconds to soften the skin and dissolve sebum blockages. The trick here is to neither overdo (and risk drying out your skin) or skim through (and not let the cleanser do what it's supposed to do) this step.

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#11 Forgetting your neck

Your neck needs some TLC too! Apply some moisturiser or serum onto your neck too because no one wants saggy neck skin and wrinkles.

#12 Sleeping with makeup on

Don't ever take the risk by not removing your makeup completely before going to bed! Sleeping with makeup on blocks the pores and causes breakouts, dries out the skin causing redness and sensitivity and speeds up the ageing process - all the things you wouldn't want.

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