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5 Common & Ordinary Daily Habits That Are Secretly Unhealthy & Unhygienic

5 Common & Ordinary Daily Habits That Are Secretly Unhealthy & Unhygienic

By Karmen on 29 May 2020
Digital Editor
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There are some healthy habits that most of us know about like going to sleep earlier and staying hydrated when you notice the signs that you're not drinking enough water, but there are also some common and ordinary habits that are secretly unhealthy or unhygienic!


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#1 Crossing your legs

asian woman wearing a white hat and sitting with legs crossedPhoto from Pinterest

Crossing the legs is many ladies' go-to sitting position as it's a comfortable and elegant alternative to man-spreading.

The bad news is, if you sit with you legs crossed for a few hours, you might get into a habit of bad posture as this sitting position makes you more likely to lean forward and slouch. The best thing to do is to keep changing your position while seated.

#2 Sitting down all day

korean girl with chin on tablePhoto from Pinterest


Staying on the subject of sitting, a sedentary lifestyle weakens your muscles, back and hips. The rest of your body also works less efficiently when you're seated such as digestion and cardiovascular system.

It's difficult for office workers to avoid being seated all day due to the nature of our jobs. On top of regular exercise, there are also little ways you can include more physical activity in your daily life. Use the stairs, alight from the bus one stop before your home and get up once every hour or half an hour to go to the toilet while in the office!

#3 Sleeping on your stomach

asian woman sleepingPhoto from Pinterest

Sleeping on the stomach feels so comfy, but it's actually not the best sleeping position! Sleeping on your stomach places strain on your back and twisting your neck puts your head and spine out of alignment.

In the long run, this sleeping position can cause some level of pain or discomfort in your neck, back, or joints and lead to poor quality sleep. ?

If you can't sleep in any other position, minimise the effects by using a thin pillow and stretching first thing in the morning.

#4 Placing your wallet or bag on the kitchen counter or dining table


korean-style minimalist kitchen and dining areaPhoto from Pinterest

When you're back home, you might have the habit of plonking your bag and other belongings in the kitchen or dining table.

Wallets and the bottom of bags pick up bacteria from all the places they were set down, so placing them on a surface where you eat or work could spread germs to those areas!

#5 Using your phone while sitting on the toilet bowl

phone and toilet paper in a bathroomPhoto from Pinterest

We get it, you need to stay connected with the online world and get some entertainment while going number 2, but this habit makes you more likely to spend more time sitting on the toilet bowl. ?

This sitting position while pooping puts a lot of pressure on the veins in the rectum which can cause haemorrhoids and even anal fissures. Your phone is also more likely to get fecal bacteria when it goes in the bathroom with you.

Try limiting your pooping time to 10 minutes or less and include more fibre in your diet. ?

How many of these habits are part of your daily life? Check out more ways to stay healthy!

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