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10 Things You Should Know Before Adopting A Dog

10 Things You Should Know Before Adopting A Dog

By Karmen on 22 May 2020
Digital Editor

Having a pet dog as a loyal companion seems like an ideal life, but behind the cuteness and cuddles are responsibilities, struggles and even frustrations that every dog owner will face.


If you're thinking of adopting a dog, keep reading to find out the 10 things you should know and be prepared for!

#1 The costs are high

asian guy squatting down next to a Shiba InuPhoto from Pinterest

The costs of caring for a dog are probably much higher than you imagine.

Besides buying quality pet food which can be expensive when added up for the lifetime of a dog, there's also dog toys and accessories, annual vaccinations, microchipping and replacing or repairing furniture and other things in the home that's damaged by the dog.

We haven't even mentioned vet visits yet! Health issues can crop up unexpectedly and the bills can be sky high. ?

#2 You can't be lazy


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It depends on each dog breed but most will need at least an hour of walking every day. That means before or after a long day at work, you'll have to take time out to walk your dog, run around playing fetch and give him or her love and attention.

#3 You need a lot of patience

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You may need to invest a great deal of patience and mental energy to train your dog. Even if your dog is particularly well-behaved, dogs are not obedient angels 100% of the time and they will change in personality or mood from day to day. The training never ends and is an everyday thing you'll need to do for the rest of your lives together. ?

If your dog has personality quirks such as being easily scared, aggressive or shy, you'll need even more effort to help your furry friend feel more comfortable.

#4 Dog maintenance can be time-consuming

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Cuddling and playing with a dog is a lot of fun, but there are also grooming routines that you'll have to be responsible for like clipping nails, brushing fur and trimming paw fur.

There are also some less enjoyable ones such as brushing their teeth and cleaning their ears. Then again, if you adored your doggo, we're sure this wouldn't be a chore at all! ?

You could offload some of these responsibilities to a pet groomer but that will add to the costs!

#5 Travelling may be an issue

asian girl holding a small white dogPhoto from Pinterest

When you're going away for a holiday, you'll have to arrange for a pet-sitter to stay over or a family or friend to care for your dog. That makes spontaneous and long trips difficult! ✈️

#6 You may have to spend less nights out

asian girl sitting on sofa with a pugPhoto from Pinterest


Unless there's someone else at home to care for your dog, it might not be practical to go out all night, leaving your dog home alone and without going to the potty.

#7 You will need to clean more often

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Dogs are cute but they can be messy too! Certain dog breeds shed a lot and you'll still have to vacuum more often because of the dirt and other debris that gets in the house through their paws and fur. You'll also need to clean your furniture, rugs and cushions more often to get rid of any stains and doggy odours. ✨

Puppies will probably have potty accidents in the home and even housetrained adult dogs may poo or pee in the house due to various reasons like illness, fear, stress and anxiety.

#8 You'll need to adjust your home

asian buy sitting on sofa couch with his jack russell dogPhoto from Pinterest

It's important to pet proof your home for the safety of your dog. Any houseplants that are toxic to dogs should be removed. Pills, chemical cleaning products and food that's dangerous to them like chocolate need to be securely kept away.


You may also need to get pet-friendly furniture and say goodbye to that pretty velvet chair that's difficult to clean when stained. It's also not a good idea to display fragile and expensive decor items that dogs could knock over.

#9 Your dog will grow old

asian girl sitting beside a samoyed dog lying on the groundPhoto from Pinterest

This seems like a 'duh' statement, but you should consider everything that comes with your dog's old age.

This means more vet checkups and increased risks of arthritis, tooth decay and other age-related conditions which will not only be expensive but also require more time, attentiveness and emotional investment in your pet.

#10 You need to do a lot of research

asian girl holding up Pomeranian dog in a field of flowersPhoto from Pinterest

When deciding on the dog breed, don't just pick based on how cute they are! Research the dog breeds personality and care requirements and take into account the size of your home, your family structure, your personality and lifestyle. ?

Adopting a dog is a big commitment and it's important to be sure that you really want a dog and are prepared to love and care for it through its entire lifetime. We hope this list will helped you decide if you're ready for it!

Check out some Korean pet YouTubers for cute videos and an insight into the life of a pet owner!

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