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Starbucks China Icy Dumpling With Two New Flavours!

Starbucks China Icy Dumpling With Two New Flavours!

By Viroon on 19 May 2020
Senior Creative Editor

To celebrate the dragon boat festival on 25 June 2020, Starbucks China has announced the arrival of its limited time offer Icy Dumpling with two new flavours! The frozen treats resemble dumplings and are filled with shaved ice and coffee, tea, and fruit flavours.


Scroll on to find out the flavours Starbucks China is offering this year!

This summer, the flavours include Lime White Tea, Cheese Salted Egg Yolk, Cranberry Yogurt, Teavana™ Peach and Cold Brew. Among them, Lime White Tea and Cheese Salted Egg Yolk are new innovative flavours launched this year, and other flavours are back in popularity.

banner-icy-dumplingPhoto from Tmall Starbucks

# Cheese Salted Egg Yolk Flavour (NEW)

Starbucks-Cheese Salted Egg YolkPhoto from Tmall Starbucks

Everyone's favourite with a twist! The combination of salted egg yolk and cheese creates a rich flavour profile on the palate.

# Lime White Tea Flavour (NEW)


Starbucks-Lime White TeaPhoto from Tmall Starbucks

Refreshing with a hint of white tea aroma, sweet and sour taste, that is great for the summer!

# Cranberry Yogurt Flavour

Starbucks-Cranberry YogurtPhoto from Tmall Starbucks

Yummy cranberry and yoghurt combination for a healthier choice!

# Teavana™ Peach Flavour

Starbucks-Teavana™ PeachPhoto from Tmall Starbucks

Great depth of flavour and taste with Starbucks own trademark tea and the sweetness of the fresh peach!


# Cold Brew Flavour

Starbucks-Cold BrewPhoto from Tmall Starbucks

Classic cold brew flavour for coffee lovers!

The Icy Dumpling is sold as a gift set with ten pieces and a limited edition bag where you can choose between a tote bag or backpack.

totebagPhoto from Tmall Starbucks

totebagPhoto from Tmall Starbucks

Don't you want to try it as well? Looks so yummy! Too bad it is only available at Starbucks China. Let's hope they will bring it to Starbucks Singapore soon!

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