5 Things All Ladies Must Have To Achieve A Korean-Style Vanity Table Aesthetic

5 Things All Ladies Must Have To Achieve A Korean-Style Vanity Table Aesthetic

ByWei Yin on 18 May 2020 Digital Editor

Other than getting a gorgeous vanity table to spruce up your room, the things you add to it will also affect the entire outlook.

If you have always wanted to achieve a Korean-style vanity table but don't know how, here are some things all ladies must have on their vanity tables for that minimalist and effortlessly stylish look.

Check them out below!

#1 Acrylic organisers 

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Acrylic organiser for vanity table
Photo from @姓雷的雷 via 小红书

The Koreans love simplicity when it comes to their interior design and decorations. Rather than using organisers that are in different colours, go for transparent acrylic ones so there is consistency. It will make your vanity table look neater and because it's transparent, you will be able to see your makeup products clearly, helping you save time.

#2 Small table mirror

Korean-style vanity table with small rectangle mirror
Photo from Pinterest

Girl taking selfie using small table mirror
Photo from Pinterest

Say bye to those big mirrors mounted on the wall because to achieve a Korean-style vanity table, you need to use a small table mirror instead. It can be in a rectangular or a circular shape as long as it fits on your table.

Gold mirror leaning against the wall
Photo from Pinterest

If those table mirrors are too small for you, choose a bigger one that can lean against the wall.

#3 Add simple flowers


Vanity table with tulips and artwork
Photo from Pinterest

Girl taking selfie using mirror on vanity table with tulips
Photo from Pinterest

A bouquet of flowers may be too much and make your vanity table appear overcrowded but some simple flowers such as tulips and baby's breath are great additions to any vanity table.

#4 Trays for your knick knacks 

Vanity table with shell tray for accessories
Photo from Pinterest

Vanity table with tray for knick knacks
Photo from Pinterest

Look for aesthetically pleasing trays that you can place on your vanity table to achieve the Korean-style look. The design should be kept minimalistic and you should only place your nicest decorations and accessories on it.

#5 Create a mood board on the wall

Korean-style mood board on the wall
Photo from Pinterest

Mood board on the wall with postcards
Photo from Pinterest

Without a mirror mounted on the wall, the space around your vanity table might look a little bare. Creating a mood board that represents what you like and who you are is a great way to spruce up the empty wall. Simply paste postcards or any aesthetically pleasing artworks that you like onto the wall, using washi tape so that it can be easily removed.

This interesting decoration technique allows you to change up the design as and when you want, according to your mood or even the season!

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