10 DIY Kits From $9.90 To Cure Your Boredom At Home During The Circuit Breaker

10 DIY Kits From $9.90 To Cure Your Boredom At Home During The Circuit Breaker

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By Rachel on 15 May 2020
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Since we can’t go out and have fun with friends during this circuit breaker, a lot of us have turned to TV shows, baking, and even home photography to keep ourselves occupied.

If you’re itching to get hands-on, you can also get a DIY activity kit delivered to your home. You don’t have to be a pro, because these kits come with detailed instructions and are designed to be beginner-friendly. Parents can also enjoy them with kids as a bonding activity.

Read on to check out the DIY kits you can get in Singapore from just $9.90!

#1 Calligraphy kit from Make Your Own ($25)

DIY calligraphy SingaporePhoto from Make Your Own

If you’ve ever gazed in envy at photos of perfect calligraphy on Pinterest, now’s your chance to get in on the trend. Make Your Own sells a Basic Modern Calligraphy DIY Kit at just $25, which comes with a Pentel Touch Pen and 28-page guide teaching you the basics of pen strokes and floral borders.

DIY calligraphy SingaporePhoto from Make Your Own

Follow the step-by-step tutorials and you’ll be able to write in perfect cursive by the end of the circuit breaker!

Delivery: $5

#2 Art jamming kits from Cafe de Paris (from $38)

Cafe de Paris home art jammingPhoto from Cafe de Paris

Though going out for an art jamming session isn’t exactly an option right now, Cafe de Paris brings the experience straight to your home with their Art Jamming Delivery. Pick from a regular canvas, tote bag with drawstring pouch, or switch things up by painting on a wooden log slice.

Cafe de Paris home art jammingPhoto from Cafe de Paris

No matter which version you choose, prices are $38 for 1 pax and $74 for 2. This is great bang for your buck, considering that usual prices in-store are $55 and $110 respectively.

Brushes, paints, sponges, a palette, and apron will be provided, all yours to keep after you’ve completed your masterpiece. You won’t be short of colours to choose from either, as you’ll be receiving a full boxed set of tube paints.

Delivery: Free

#3 Floral resin coaster and earring kits from Atas Workshops (from $35)

Floral resin coaster DIY SingaporePhoto from Atas Workshops

Get crafty with resin and create a one-of-a-kind DIY Flower Coaster with Atas Workshops. Though dried, the flowers are vibrant in colour, making the coasters as beautiful as they are functional. Each set costs $85.50, allowing you to make one round coaster and one square-shaped one. Share it with a sibling and split the cost!

Resin earrings DIY kit SingaporePhoto from Atas Workshops

If you prefer something wearable, they also have DIY Resin Earring kits which cost $35-$40 depending on design. Apart from those with dried leaves and flowers, there are also sparkly ones with a good dose of glitter.

Delivery: $5 | Free for orders above $100

#4 T-shirt and tote bag painting kits from Streaks n Strokes (from $44.90)

Streaks n Strokes tshirt painting DIY kit SingaporePhoto from Streaks n Strokes

Let your inner fashion designer run wild with the t-shirt painting kits ($49.90) from Streaks n Strokes. Each one comes with a full set of supplies including 5 bottles of fabric paint, a plain white tee, brushes, and a palette.

Fear not if you’re unconfident in painting freehand, as you’ll also get carbon paper and a pencil to trace and transfer your designs, alongside free online video tutorials to get started on their website.

Streaks n Strokes tote bag painting DIY kit SingaporePhoto from Streaks n Strokes

They also have tote bag painting kits for $44.90, with the bag included as well. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting complimented for your outfit or accessory and being able to say, “I designed it myself!”

Delivery: $4.30 | Free for orders above $50

#5 Escape room game kit from Funworks (from $9.90)

home escape room game SingaporePhoto from Funworks

Creating your own escape room at home sounds like an impossible feat, but that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with the Escape Room Game Kits from Funworks.

Through a set of clues and QR codes, you will be cracking your heads to solve puzzles as a family. Pick from 2 gameplays: “Zombie Apocalypse”, or the less scary, zodiac-inspired “The Great Race”.

home escape room game SingaporePhoto from Funworks


An eco-friendly electronic version costs $9.90, but if you prefer to go old-school, they also have physical sets at $26.90.

Delivery: $5 for physical sets

#6 Pooh Bear and Dumbo chiffon cake kits by Caked with Love ($118)

Pooh bear disney character chiffon cake DIY kitPhoto from Caked with Love

There are tons of free cake recipes out there, but if you’re a Disney fan, you’ll be hankering to get these Pooh Bear and Dumbo-inspired baking kits from Caked with Love. Each set comes with a cake pan, cake cutter, food colouring, and a recipe for your chosen confection.

Dumbo elephant disney character chiffon cake DIY kitPhoto from Caked with Love

At $118 each, these aren’t the cheapest, but they’re a convenient option for those who don’t have the right equipment at home. Besides, Caked with Love often holds baking and cake decorating workshops, so you know you can’t go wrong with them.

They’re also extremely popular when it comes to customised orders featuring cartoon characters.

Delivery: Free

#7 Floral embroidery kit from Naked Works (from $37)

Embroidery kit DIY SingaporePhoto from @naked.works via Instagram

Talk about maxing out your dollar - Naked Works’ Embroidery Kits (from $37) give you enough materials to make not 1, not 2, but 3 different floral embroidery pieces. That includes a set of cutters and embroidery hoops as well. Colours of the thread and cloth bases will be given at random, but rest assured that everything will be well-matched.

Embroidery DIY kit SingaporePhoto from @naked.works via Instagram

Simply slide into their DMs to place your order.

Delivery: Free

#8 Succulent terrarium kit from Crafts For Green (from $17)

DIY terrarium kit SingaporePhoto from Crafts For Green

Leafy house plants are the new in-thing, but if you don’t have green fingers, consider making a terrarium instead. Crafts For Green has Succulent/Cacti DIY Kits (from $30) that barely need to be watered, and everything you need - from the soil to the plants and the decorative pebbles - is provided. Cute figurines of animals and cartoon characters can be purchased separately.

DIY terrarium kit SingaporePhoto from Crafts For Green

If that still seems daunting, start small with an Upcycled Succulent Planter DIY Kit ($17). The idea behind this is to re-use an old container you have at home, but everything else will be included.

Delivery: From $8 | Free for orders of $50 and above

#9 Perfume mixing kit by Oo La Lab ($118)

Perfume making kit Singapore Oo La LabPhoto from Oo La Lab

There’s no better way to find your own signature scent than to create it yourself. Oo La Lab’s Mixology Kit lets you become a perfume master by experimenting with vials of various fragrances.

It’s a little pricey at $118, but you’ll be given a total of 13 scents, including 3 limited edition ones, to play around with. Besides, you’ll end up with something uniquely you that can’t be bought elsewhere, so it’s worth the splurge.

Delivery: Free

#10 Tote bag painting kit from Petite Studio Hana ($14.25)

Tote bag DIY painting kit SingaporePhoto from @petitestudio_hana via Instagram

Make some art and wear it on your shoulder with the Tote Bag DIY Kit by Petite Studio Hana. You’ll not only be given an A4-sized tote bag to design with 12 acrylic paint colours, but also a paintable scented stone and lavender essential oil.

You can hang the scented stone on your bag as an accessory, or in your cupboard to make your clothes extra fragrant.

This normally costs $15, but there’s a circuit breaker promotion with 5% off, so it’s currently going at $14.25.

Delivery: $4.30

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