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8 Tips To Choose A Bridesmaid Dress That Will Look Great On Every Body Type & Size

8 Tips To Choose A Bridesmaid Dress That Will Look Great On Every Body Type & Size

By Karmen on 08 May 2020
Digital Editor

Getting married soon or have the honour of being a bridesmaid? When you're getting ready for the big day, one struggle you'll have is finding a bridesmaid dress that will look great on everyone.


It's likely that you group of girlfriends come in all body shapes, sizes and heights. On top of that, some might have different levels of conservativeness and preferences of which body part not to show.

No worries though, keep reading to check out our right tips to finding a bridesmaids dress that's universally flattering!

#1 High waistline

korean bridesmaids in short grey dressesPhoto from Pinterest

I think we can all agree that a high waistline is flattering on everyone! Regardless of body type, you can't go wrong drawing attention to the waist and creating the illusion of longer legs.

#2 V-neckline

Maya Plus plunge front delicate scattered sequin maxi dress in taupe blushPhoto from ASOS


Bust size is another thing to consider. Large-chested ladies might not be comfortable with high necklines that emphasise their bust even more and some ladies might not like baring their shoulders in strapless or off-shoulder dresses.

A universally flattering neckline is a v-shaped one! It has a slimming effect as the v-shape elongates your neck and chest. Make sure the neckline of the dress isn't too plunging so everyone feels comfortable wearing it! Try the Maya Plus plunge front delicate scattered sequin maxi dress in taupe blush ($305.99) from ASOS.

#3 Midi or maxi dress

asian bridesmaids in light grey midi dresses with three quater length sleevesPhoto from Pinterest

If some bridesmaids aren't comfortable baring their legs in short dresses, something that will make everyone happy is a midi or maxi dress!

It covers up thighs and calves which can be a point of insecurity for some while making everyone look taller especially when worn with heels.

#4 Fitted top + lined chiffon bottom

Frock and Frill Flavia Embellished Bodice Maxi Dress in navyPhoto from Zalora


A feminine chiffon skirt will look great on women of any shape and size. It flares out from the body without adding too much volume, lengthening and slimming the body. Make sure it's lined so that it doesn't cling on to the skin and emphasise undesired lumps and bumps.

Pick a dress that is well-fitted on the top portion for the most flattering fit on all ladies. Try this Frock and Frill Flavia Embellished Bodice Maxi Dress ($99.90) from Zalora which has a design and colour that has a slimming effect.

#5 Loose short sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves

POMELO Maxi Floral Frill Hem Dress - PinkPhoto from POMELO

Anyone who is insecure about their arms might not feel comfortable wearing sleeveless dresses. If that's the case, loose short sleeves are a great option that looks suits everyone. You could also go for sheer sleeves as it provides some cover-up while still letting some skin show! Try the POMELO Maxi Floral Frill Hem Dress in Pink ($44).

You could also go for 3/4 length sleeves but make sure it's form fitting for the sake of the petite ladies in your bridesmaid group.

#6  Avoid prints and pleats

TWICE wearing blue bridesmaid dressesPhoto from Pinterest


When in doubt, go for solid colours rather than prints. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to prints and solid colours have a more slimming effect which most ladies won't say no to.

Pleating is another detail that will look great on slim ladies but can overemphasise a large bust, tummy or wide hips.

#7 Cropped top + skirt

Maya Plus Bridesmaid delicate sequin tulle skirt in taupe blushPhoto from ASOS

You might not necessarily need a dress! It's much easier for everyone to get the right fit with a separate top and skirt. Women with a pear or inverted triangle body shape might need different sizes on their tops and bottoms while the waist of a dress may sit too high for tall women and too low on petite women.

To keep the look formal and bridesmaid-worthy, go for materials like lace, tulle and chiffon. Try the Maya Plus Bridesmaid delicate sequin tulle skirt in taupe blush ($120.99) from ASOS.

#8 Matching but not identical

asian bridesmaids in dark blue maxi dressesPhoto from Pinterest

There's no rule that all the bridesmaids have to wear the exact same dress. Choose a colour theme, material and dress length, then have everyone pick their own dress in their favourite cut, neckline and other details!

Even if there are slight differences in your dresses, the common colour, material and length will make you easily identifiable as a group of bridesmaids.

In preparation for your or your bestie's big day, check out some bridesmaid gift ideas, unconventional wedding dresses and some practical advice from a recently wedded bride in Singapore.

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