Make Your Small HDB / BTO Flat Look Bigger Instantly With These 5 Simple Ways

Make Your Small HDB / BTO Flat Look Bigger Instantly With These 5 Simple Ways

By Amelia on 28 Apr 2020
Creative Editor

We understand the woes of most Singaporeans who are living in a small HDB / BTO flat. Well, we have got to be practical and realistic. You will definitely have to do some space planning and compromise your home decor to fit everything perfectly in your dream house!

To make things easier for you, we have listed 5 simple ways to make a small HDB / BTO flat look way more spacious than what it truly is. #Lifehacks

Spacious Bedroom
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#1 Mirror, mirror on the wall

Bedroom With Mirror
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Mirrors are such essential furniture of a house that helps to make space look much bigger than it is as they reflect light and create the illusion of depth.

If you are still styling up your house or is absolutely bored to death during this circuit breaker month, opt for a few small mirrors grouped together or a statement mirror that gives an 'oomph' to your home.

#2 Build floor to ceiling shelves 

Floor To Ceiling Shelves
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Install a floor to ceiling shelves as this shelving unit will make the ceiling of your HDB / BTO flats look higher. The best part? These shelves also have multiple functional uses, they are great as space-saving storage. Place your books and shoeboxes in small storage boxes while elevating the space of your flat.

#3 Add a visually interesting ceiling light 


Ceiling Light In HDB
Photo from @Arin 艺术- 家 via 小红书

Incorporating ceiling lights with details draws the human eye upwards and adds height to a room. A simple yet smart trick!

#4 Use very light colors or very dark wall colors 

Light Wall Colours HDB
Photo from @Arin 艺术- 家 via 小红书

Use bright whites or deep dark paint colours to create contrast in your living room as it helps to create depth and the illusion of a larger space. I bet you didn't know that!

#5 Utilize multi-functional furniture 

Multifunctional bed
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Purchase furniture that gives you multiple usages such as a multi-functional bed that helps you store storage underneath the bed. This helps you to fully make use of space and put away all the items you used in a spot that no one can see it.

Most importantly, declutter your house once in a few months so that your house will always be organised and ready for any random visits from your friends or relatives.

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