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Creative Photoshoot Ideas You Can Do At Home

Creative Photoshoot Ideas You Can Do At Home

By Viroon on 26 Mar 2020
Senior Creative Editor

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore is entering a new phase, bars, cinemas and all other entertainment outlets will be closed from Thursday (March 26) 11.59 pm till April 30. Most of us are practising social distancing to help flatten the curve, that leaves us with a lot of downtime.


Here are some creative photography ideas to do at home by just using your phone. The best part, these ideas are simple yet versatile. You do not need any complicated gear or rare props.

#1 Empty Potato Chips Bag

Photo ideas using potato chips bagPhoto from Hello胡馨宇 via 小红书

creative photo props using potato chips bagPhoto from 列列ii via 小红书

All you need is an empty potato chips bag for this shoot! Cut both ends with scissors. Gently pat it dry and leave some water droplets to create a different photo effect. Try out different poses and angles as you never know when a 'different' shot is going to be your best shot.


#2 Mirror

Photo tips using mirrorPhoto from Hello胡馨宇 via 小红书

The mirror is one of the popular props for photography as it offers unlimited possibilities and gives a creative twist to portraits. As long as you have access to a mirror, you can take photos wherever and whenever you want.

#3 Kitchen

Photo ideas at KitchenPhoto from Hello胡馨宇 via 小红书


Kitchen is another area at home finds the perfect props for a photoshoot. From glasses to wire washing ball, colander strainer, plastic basin and plastic wrap, there are endless things you can use in the kitchen to create interesting photo effect.

#4 Refrigerator

Photo ideas at fridgePhoto from Hello胡馨宇 via 小红书

Get imaginative and create a shot with your refrigerator! Put your phone in the refrigerator and turn on the self-timer mode. Take advantage of the items in your fridge by using fruits, bright items as props to create a vibrant background. You can also create a short video with your partner! Let your imagination run wild and take videos/pictures that will always make you smile. ?

*Do note to ensure the room lighting to be darker when doing this shoot.

#5 Washing Machine

Photo ideas washing machinePhoto from Hello胡馨宇 via 小红书

Washing Machine Photo tipsPhoto from 小蛋黄 Omi via 小红书

Last but not least - Washing Machine! ? Yes! We're not kidding! Put your phone in the washing machine, on the self-timer mode and snap away. Go for variations and don't be afraid to experiment. Tell a story using a sequence of photos because you can show different aspects of the same story in each one as it is hard to do with a single image. After shooting a variety of images, collage them together or post one by one. Easy Peasy!

Don’t be afraid to break the rhythm and to experiment with different colours and items. Have fun and let your creativity flows. Do check out these six easy poses to look slimmer in photoshow to look good and pose in a flattering way when sitting downseven poses to try at the staircase and 10 natural poses for those who get embarrassed when posing for photos.

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