Personality Test | What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Personality Test | What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

By Viroon on 22 Apr 2020
Senior Creative Editor

Do you know, each color represents a different personality type?

Want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself or others based on their color preferences?

Take a moment to pick your favourite color.

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Scroll down to reveal your personality! 


RedPhoto from Pinterest

Red Color Personality
You are:
- Extroverted
- Optimistic
- Courageous
- Confident

Deepest needs:
- Physical achievement
- Fulfilment


orangePhoto from Pinterest

Orange Color Personality
You are:
- Warm
- Friendly
- Tolerant
- Accepting of others

Deepest needs:
- To be with people
- To socialize
- To be accepted and respected in a group


YellowPhoto from Pinterest

Yellow Color Personality
You are:
- Cheerful
- Fun to be with
- Full of ideas

Deepest need:
- Logical order in your everyday life


GreenPhoto from Pinterest

Green Color Personality
You are:
- Kind
- Generous
- Compassionate

Deepest needs:
- To belong
- To love and be loved
- To feel safe and secure


BluePhoto from Pinterest

Blue Color Personality
You are:
- Conservative
- Reliable
- Trustworthy

Deepest need:
- To find inner peace and truth


Indigo Photo from Pinterest

Indigo Color Personality
You are:
- Honest
- Compassionate
- Understanding

You value:
- Integrity

Deepest need:
- To feel in harmony and at one with the universe


VioletPhoto from Pinterest

Violet Color Personality
- You are a gentle and free spirit.
- Your feelings run deep.

Deepest needs:
- Emotional security
- Order and perfection in all areas of your life


PinkPhoto from Pinterest

Pink Color Personality
You are:
- Loving
- Kind
- Sensitive to others’ needs

Deepest need:
- To be accepted and loved unconditionally



MagentaPhoto from Pinterest

Magenta Color Personality
You are:
- Imaginative
- Creative

You value:
- Beautiful surroundings


TanagerTurquoisePhoto from Pinterest

Turquoise Color Personality
You are:
- Friendly
- Approachable
- Easy to communicate with

Deepest need:
- To express your hopes and dreams, no matter how idealistic


greyPhoto from Pinterest

Gray Color Personality
You are:
- Neutral about life
- Cool and calm

Deepest need:
- To be respected for who you are


WhitePhoto from Pinterest

White Color Personality
You are:
- Neat and immaculate in appearance
- Far-sighted
- Positive and optimistic

Deepest need:
- To create simplicity in your life


blackPhoto from Pinterest

Black Color Personality
You value:
- Prestige
- Power

You are:
- Strong-willed
- Determined

Deepest needs:
- Power
- Control


brownPhoto from Pinterest

Brown Color Personality
You are:
- Honest
- Down-to-earth
- Wholesome

Deepest needs:
- Safety
- Security
- Simplicity
- Comfort


SilverPhoto from Pinterest

Silver Color Personality
You are:
- Intuitive
- Insightful
- Strongly connected with a higher spiritual guidance

Deepest need:
-To find deep meaning and spiritual fulfilment in your life


goldPhoto from Pinterest

Gold Color Personality
You radiate:
- Charisma
- Personality
- Individuality

Deepest need:
- To acquire the deepest knowledge and understanding of yourself as a spiritual being

Is it true about you? Which is your favorite color, and is the description accurate for you?

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