The Complete Advice You Need For Flat Stomach. Step 1 Goes..

The Complete Advice You Need For Flat Stomach. Step 1 Goes..

By GirlStyle on 02 Nov 2018

Maybe you're a beginner and you're still learning the ropes. What's most discouraging is setting goals and missing the mark... Setting goals is a good start so don't be discouraged! I'm a beginner like you with very real struggles. For a start, aim for a 30 minutes cardio plus 15 minutes targetted exercise. Let's go, fighting!

Tip #1: Cardio (Intense Workout)
You can jog, swim, cycle or any other intensive workout for 30 minutes. Any exercise that increases your heartbeat rapidly and induce a healthy amount of sweat.

You can try a popular HITT workout such as this: 

Workout #2: Targetted exercise (Crunches)
There are many variations to 'crunches' and the main purpose is to train your abdominal muscles. For complete beginners, follow this video and remember, posture is the goal even though the aim is 20 reps.

Basic Crunches

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Side/Twist Crunches

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Stand Crunches

Standing Ab Exercises! Knee Drivers, Kick Crunches, Twisting Knee Ups, Toe Touch Crunches. Do 30-50 Sec of each move, 10 Sec Rest, 3 sets. I held a 10lb plate for all exercises, but you could do lighter weight. #abs #abworkout #core #coreworkout #standingabmoves #standingabs #standingcrunches #quickworkout #fitgirlvideos #gym_videos #instafitvideoz #instafitsociety #mytrainercarmen

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Tip #3: Toning Muscles -Planking 

Tip #4: Recovery + Necessity
Sleep is a NECESSITY. If you do everything right but you don't see results, it could possibly be due to a lack of sleep. If you intentionally set aside 6~8 hours of quality sleep, it will help in metabolism, health and even mental helps. Such as curbing appetite, cravings and even motivational issues.

Having sufficient sleep is key to losing weight and maintaining an overall healthy body system.

Along with great fitness tips, this video will advise you on what food to eat and what to avoid.

Be on your way to fun effective workout when you grab a buddy, set goals and do it together!  Double your chance to attain your fitness goals when someone holds you accountable to your set goals.

P.S If 2018 is not looking good, 2019 is coming. Either you start now and gain a headstart, or feel demoralise and accumulate more to lose~
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