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Reviewing 10 Unusual Potato Chip Flavours You Can Buy Online In Singapore

Reviewing 10 Unusual Potato Chip Flavours You Can Buy Online In Singapore

By Karmen on 09 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

If there's anything that will give foodies comfort and entertainment during this time of home isolation, it's new snacks!


We've found 10 unusual potato chip flavours in Singapore that will intrigue and delight your tastebuds.

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 F.EAST Singaporean flavours potato chips

F.EAST Singaporean flavours potato chips beef rendang, Singapore laksa, chicken rice and egg prata with fish curryPhoto from F.EAST

This local company makes potato chips inspired by popular Singaporean dishes! The Beef Rendang Potato Chips is pretty much beef rendang condensed in a chip form while the Hainanese Chicken Rice Potato Chips even has that signature chicken rice chili taste.

The Singapore Laksa Potato Chips has a delightful coconut aftertaste but lacks the other flavours of laksa. There's enough fish curry flavour but not enough of the prata taste in the Egg Prata with Fish Curry Potato Chips. All four potato chip flavours are delicious and worth a try!

Available on Redmart and 7-Eleven outlets islandwide ($2.95 per packet).


#2 Great British Crisp potato chips

Great British Crisp Chicken Tikka Masala potato chipsPhoto from Great British Crisp

Great British Crisp Fish & Chips potato chips Photo from Great British Crisp

With regular flavours like sea salt and vinegar, this company also makes unusual potato chip flavours. The Chicken Tikka Masala potato chips has a subtle spiciness to it while the Fish & Chips potato chips do actually taste like the classic British dish. However, the Traditional English Breakfast disappoints with too many flavours packed in a chip and only baked beans that stands out.

Available at Tuck ($4.95 per packet).

#3 Lay's potato chips

lays potato chip flavours inspired by Thai cuisine: Green Curry, Chili Crab Curry and Tom Yum ShrimpPhoto from Mr Bazaar

Lay's has also come up with three unusual flavours inspired by Thai cuisine: Green CurryChili Crab Curry and Tom Yum Shrimp. The Tom Yum Shrimp is the only one that has a distinct and accurate flavouring, but all three are still delicious and addictive!

Available at Lazada ($19.90 for 6 packets).

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