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Gorgeous Minimalist Phone Wallpapers That Will Motivate & Encourage You

Gorgeous Minimalist Phone Wallpapers That Will Motivate & Encourage You

By Wei Yin on 03 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

There's no denying that the past few months of 2020 have been extremely hectic and stressful for everyone because of COVID-19 and other problems we deal with in our own daily lives.


While it's easier said than done to stay positive during these trying times, we hope to bring some happiness to you with these phone wallpapers that we scoured the Internet to find.

Hopefully, these wallpapers will motivate and encourage you because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. ✨ Plus, they are gorgeous minimalist ones that most people will love so use them as your phone's wallpaper and brighten your day whenever you see it.

Check them out below!


"I am more than where I have been" wallpaperPhoto from Megan Harper Nichols

You are so much more than what people see on the outside!



Strong enough motivational wallpaperPhoto from Pinterest

Know that you are strong and that things will progress slowly, but surely.


Flower wallpaperPhoto from Pinterest

You are capable even if others don't see it!


Motivational quote wallpaperPhoto from Megan Harper Nichols

There is so much in life to see and you will get there one day!



Watering flowers motivational wallpaperPhoto from Pinterest

It's perfectly fine to not know what you want now so let nature take its course because everybody grows at different rates.


"Everything will be okay" wallpaperPhoto from Pinterest

Keep persevering and the bad situation will eventually be over!


"Radiate positivity" wallpaperPhoto from Pinterest


Radiate positivity like the sun!


"Breathe" motivational wallpaperPhoto from Pinterest

Sometimes when it gets too much, all you have to do is take a break and breathe.


Peaches wallpaperPhoto from Megan Harper Nichols

Slow progress is better than no progress.


"No rain, no flowers" motivational wallpaperPhoto from Pinterest

Tough times will pass and you will see the fruits of your labour.

Remember to save your favourite and set it as your phone wallpaper! While you are here, check out these 14 healing phone wallpapers in pastel pink and blue hues.

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