5 Aesthetically-Pleasing Korean Cooking & Baking YouTube Channels To Watch

5 Aesthetically-Pleasing Korean Cooking & Baking YouTube Channels To Watch

By Karmen on 30 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Running out of ways to entertain yourself at home? We're here to ease your boredom from social distancing with five Korean cooking and baking YouTube channels that will give you inspiration to whip up your own meals and desserts.

Even if you're not a cook or baker, they're so satisfying to watch! 😍

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 아내의 식탁 Wife's Cuisine

Beautifully shot and masterfully styled on dishes and table settings, this channel features classic Korean dishes like Budae-Jjigae and tteokbokki in an elevated form. Take cooking ideas while enjoying the calming effect these videos have that's reminiscent of ASMR videos! 🤩

#2 꿀키honeykki

This YouTube channel has a more casual setup but is still visually appealing! You can find a mix of videos including Korean food like kimchi-jjim and dak-hanmari as well as western cuisine, desserts and food recreations from movies. 😍

#3 하루한끼 one meal a day


Warning: don't watch these videos while you're hungry! This channel creates fuss-free and simple dishes that look mouthwateringly delicious. 😋

#4 Cooking tree 쿠킹트리

We imagine that these picture-perfect cakes from this YouTube channel will look right at home in a cute cafe somewhere in Korea. 🥰 Most of the recipes don't require baking and look relatively straightforward, but you might need a lot of patience to get the same gorgeous results!

#5 y. na__ homecafe

If you're a sucker for Insta-worthy cafe food, turn your own home into a Korean-style cafe with inspiration from this YouTuber! The recipes can be tedious but involve mostly mixing ingredients together to create aesthetically pleasing drinks and desserts that you'll be proud to show off on Instagram. 💁‍♀️

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