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7 Things To Know Before Getting Nail Extensions Done

7 Things To Know Before Getting Nail Extensions Done

By Wei Yin on 19 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Having nails dressed up in pretty manicure designs is a dream for many girls.


For those with short or brittle nails though, the fastest way to get nails long enough for a manicure is to get nail extensions.

Nail extensions give you instant gratification in the sense that you won't have to wait and grow your nails out only to have them break once it gets longer. It is also often an option for people with brittle nails as nail extensions are harder and more long-lasting.

So, here are seven things to know before getting them done. If you are considering to get nail extensions done, read on to find out more!

#1 Know which type of nail extensions is better for you

Holographic nail extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

As technology advances, more and more kinds of nail extensions have popped up but the most common types are acrylic and gel.

Acrylic involves using liquid and powder, then air drying the nails. Gel uses hard or structure gel and is then cured under the UV or LED light. Both techniques are similar but not identical.


Acrylic feels slightly tougher and tighter on the nails whereas gel looks and feels more natural. Keep in mind that this differs based on personal experience and opinion so always ask your nail technician for her professional advice.

#2 It's expensive

Pastel nails with extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

Get yourself and your wallet ready because nail extensions are not cheap! Average prices range from $60 to $180 and more depending on the nail salon.

As nail extensions require your nails to be fully prepped, you won't be able to opt out of the buffing, shaping and removal of dead skin etc. that are included, which explains the expensive cost.

#3 It takes a long time

Nude nail extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

Be prepared to spend up to two hours in the nail salon as getting nail extensions is a long process that should never ever be rushed.


You wouldn't want your nail technician to do a sketchy job because you have to rush off to somewhere else when you have already paid so much to get it done.

#4 It can be addictive

Sunflower design nail extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

Once you see your long, beautiful nails, you might want to keep getting nail extensions done because of how your nails look so good, feel more sturdy and don't break easily anymore.

You can also get infills done where the gap of your nail growth is covered so that you won't have to remove the entire set of extensions, making them last even longer.

As it can get addictive, you must be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money on the upkeep of your nail extensions.

#5 It's damaging to the nails

Pastel pink and transparent nail extensionsPhoto from Pinterest


All the filing of your nails and chemicals applied to them will definitely cause minimal damage regardless of how professional and skilful your nail technician is. So, it's important that you give your nails a break.

#6 Make sure you give your nails a break

Transparent ombre nail extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

Regardless of how often you are capable of getting nail extensions done, remember to give your nails a break! We recommend a few weeks of lead time after a set is removed before you get a new set done.

#7 Do your research and choose a reputable nail salon

Black nail extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

Your regular nail technician might be good at doing a normal manicure with design but to be honest, nail extensions are trickier. We encourage you to do your research and choose a nail salon that has good reviews for their nail extensions service.

Home-based salons usually post images of their work on Instagram so scroll through them and choose one that will be able to do a good job for you.

We hope these tips have been useful especially for those looking to get nail extensions done for the first time. All that said though, nail extensions have its pros and when done right can be really pretty!

Meanwhile, check out these nail designs for your next manicure or nail extensions appointment.

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