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You Must Visit These Insta-Worthy Stairway To Heaven Photo Spots Around The World

You Must Visit These Insta-Worthy Stairway To Heaven Photo Spots Around The World

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By Wei Yin on 10 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Have you seen photos of people on a flight of stairs that seems to lead up to the sky and thought to yourself how beautiful and insta-worthy it looks?


Dubbed the "stairway to heaven", these wooden stairs are often painted white to help add on to the ethereal vibe people try to achieve in their photos. Sadly though, there is currently no such stairs in Singapore for us to flock to and snap photos for the 'gram, but there are many versions of the stairs located around the world.

Read on to find out where the stairs are located and head there if you will be travelling to that country!

#1 Penang, Malaysia

Stairway to heaven in Penang, MalaysiaPhoto from @美好的一天 via 小红书

Girl sitting on stairway to heaven in PenangPhoto from @antungyau via Instagram

Located in Pulau Jerejak just a short 10-minute ferry ride from Penang Island, the area was recently revamped with many insta-worthy photo spots and one of them is the famed stairway to heaven!

As this is close to home, it's a great opportunity to plan a short getaway to Penang soon and visit Pulau Jerejak. Other than the stairway to heaven, you can look forward to other photo spots such as the rainbow pier and the LED light park.


#2 Yogyakarta, Indonesia 

There is more to Indonesia than Bali and Batam! Yogyakarta is best known for their traditional arts and cultural heritage, hip cafes and instagrammable spots that have popped up in recent years.

This stairway to heaven is located at Pintoe Langit Dahromo and has a rustic white door at the top of the stairs, making it slightly different and perhaps more special than the other stairs around the world.


#3 Dalat, Vietnam

Girl sitting on the stairway to heaven in Dalat, VietnamPhoto from @喵破浪 via 小红书

If you will be travelling to Dalat, Vietnam soon, make sure you head to Sunny Farm when you are there. The iconic stairway to heaven is located in the farm and against the picturesque blue sky, you will get to snap the most beautiful pictures.

Sit or stand on the stairs and pose away to get the best shot!


#4 Jeollanam-do, South Korea

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This stairway to heaven is located in Cielo 957 Cafe and people were queuing for about an hour when the cafe first opened before they had a chance to take a photo on the stairs! Hopefully by now the hype has died down and you will be able to snap your photos without having to wait too long.

We recommend heading there around sunset if you want to capture the golden hour in your photos. You could also just spend a lazy afternoon in the cafe and get up to take photos whenever the crowd disperses from the stairs.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG