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Fight Evil By Moonlight With ColourPop's Latest Sailor Moon Collection! ✨

Fight Evil By Moonlight With ColourPop's Latest Sailor Moon Collection! ✨

By Wei Yin on 19 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

Cult-favourite beauty brand ColourPop is back with yet another stunning and irresistible collection that you must get your hands on.


The latest Sailor Moon x ColourPop collaboration is packed full of magical goodness that will help you fight evil by moonlight and we are super hyped for the launch!

Check out the products below!

Just like every other ColourPop product, the brand has taken effort to dress the new products in packaging that will put a smile on the buyers' faces. Look at the Sailor Moon motifs and characters printed on all the packaging. Super cute!

Overview of Sailor Moon collection productsPhoto from @colourpopcosmetics via Instagram

? Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette

Eyeshadow palettePhoto from @colourpopcosmetics via Instagram

When it comes to every new ColourPop collection, makeup enthusiasts will probably be the most excited about the high-quality and pigmented eyeshadow shades in the palette.


The Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette has beautiful glittery shades that will let you dazzle all day long and matte shades for a more subtle look.

? Moonlight Lip Bundle & Daylight Lip Bundle

Lip bundlePhoto from @colourpopcosmetics via Instagram

Paint your lips with the Moonlight Lip Bundle and Daylight Lip Bundle. Each bundle comes with an Ultra Blotted Lip and Ultra Glossy Lip.

? Glitterally Obsessed

Body glitterPhoto from @colourpopcosmetics via Instagram

Be extra with the Gliterally Obsessed body glitters in a purple and pink shade, filled with loads of stars and moon flakes.

? Pressed Powder Blushes

BlushersPhoto from @colourpopcosmetics via Instagram

Get rosy cheeks with these Pressed Powder Blushes in two different shades. Also, it can't get any more adorable than this with Luna imprinted on the blushers!

The collection will be launching on 20 February, 10AM PST (21 February, 2AM SGT) so mark your calendar and get ready to cop them from

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Text by: GirlStyle SG