3 Things You Do When You Fall In Love According To Your Horoscope

3 Things You Do When You Fall In Love According To Your Horoscope

ByAmanda on 09 Jan 2020 Digital Editor

When you fall in love with someone, you will most likely act different in front of him/her - consciously or sub-consciously. If you are curious about what you would do according to your horoscope, read on to find out.

As with every horoscope prediction, we suggest you take this with a pinch of salt! However, if the shoe fits, it fits 😉

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Aries (March 21 - April 20)

#1 Pretend to be elegant and cool

#2 Stutter and blush in front of their crush

#3 Go all shy

Aries are known to be straightforward and passionate individuals but they tend to become shy in front of the person they like, thinking that they are too coarse and straightforward. Which is why Aries will start to stutter and blush in front of the person he/she likes.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

#1 Gives the person he/she likes presents

#2 Resolve the problems of the person he/she likes

#3 Planning events and birthdays

As the realist of the zodiacs, Tauruses will try their best to appeal to the person they like once they know they have fallen in love with someone - but in a realistic manner. They will resolve whatever problems the person they like have and make themselves an irreplaceable presence in their crush's life.

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)

#1 Always changing how they look

#2 Start to be clingy and act cute

#3 Give nicknames to the person he/she likes

Geminis are great at romance and are pros at dating. Once they fall in love, they will use all their little tactics to appeal to the person they like, adapting themselves to change into someone that their crush will love. They tend to act cute to the person they like and will not hesitate to show their feelings.

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Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 20)

#1 Find out what their crush likes

#2 Try to understand their crush's family background

#3 Cook for their crush

Cancers are loyal and family-oriented so they will start to treat their crush like family when they realise are in love. They will care for the welfare of the person they like, even to the point of buying meals and making sure that they eat well! If a Cancer around you is always nagging at you for your bad habits, they are probably hopelessly in love with you.

Leo (Jul 21 - Aug 20)

#1 Introduce crush to friends

#2 Jio you out all the time

#3 Nags at you sometimes

Leos are social animals that hate to be lonely so they tend to have a lot of friends. When they fall in love, however, they will start to stick to the person they like, finding time to accompany and chat with them. They will introduce the person they like to their friends so that you can all have fun together!

Virgo (Aug 21 - Sep 20)

#1 Teases you from time to time

#2 Lectures you for the smallest stuff

#3 Ignores you at times

Virgos are hypocritical creatures with a large ego. When they fall in love, they will start to become paranoid about whether the person they love actually like them back. However, they will never show it to their crush, even to the point of teasing and ignoring them.


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Libra (Sep 21 - Oct 20)

#1 Find chances to get close to the person he/she likes

#2 Be best friends with the person he/she likes

#3 Find topics to chat

Libras, although sociable and good with their words, will become hesitant and shy in front of the person they like. Nonetheless, they will put in effort to get close and will look for topics in common with their crush. However, they tend to be evasive with their words, worried that they might get hurt if they put in too much effort.

Scorpio (Oct 21 - Nov 20)

#1 Hate the friends of his/her crush

#2 Calls the person he/she likes everyday

#3 Only nice to their crush

Scorpios are pretty possessive and ambitious so they will want to have the person they love at all costs! They tend to dislike having their crush's friends around and will get rid of any love rival he/she might have. They want the person they love to love them back and will spare no costs in drafting a plan to win their crush's heart.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)

#1 Pretends to ignore their crush

#2 Do things for their crush without letting them know

#3  Find things to bully their crush about

Sagittarius are idealists who dream about having a romance all will envy. However, they are often afraid to pursue such romance, afraid of being tied down too fast or having everything go wrong. Even though they are hopelessly in love with someone, they prefer to conceal their feelings until they are really sure that their crush loves them back.

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Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 20)

#1 Consoles their crush when they are sad

#2 Make their crush happy without them knowing

#3 Stand by their crush in all circumstances

Capricorns are logical and calm people who don't show their feelings easily even though they might be squealing with excitement on the inside. They like to look aloof and distant but will do things for their crush quietly and in a heartbeat.

Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 20)

#1 Express their love openly

#2 Show off their talents to one person

#3 Get angry when the person they love isn't treated right

Aquariuses are romantics and creatives who will combine the two when chasing someone they love. They will use their artistic talents to show their love to their crush and isn't afraid to express their love in public. They look forward to a simple yet sweet romance without much fanfare.

Pisces (Feb 21 - Mar 20)

#1 Seek help from their crush

#2 Become clingy

#3 Start to be unreasonable with their requests

Pisces tend to turn into a little child in front their crush, acting all coy and adorable in front of them, even to the point of turning unreasonable. However, if the person they love can actually take their child-like, clingy character, they know that they have a chance with them!

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