Best Gifts Under $40 For K-Beauty Fans

Best Gifts Under $40 For K-Beauty Fans

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ByWei Yin on 20 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

We are just four days away from Christmas and if you are not done with your Christmas shopping yet, fret not.

Beauty products are probably the easiest to shop for and gift to someone because everybody uses at least one beauty product and they are readily available everywhere. But, the difficult part is finding good beauty products that your friend or loved one would actually use.

So, we have compiled a list of products the K-beauty fans in your life will definitely love and use. The best part is that these products are all under $40 too!

Check them out below!

For the globetrotter 

Two girls at the airport with a luggage
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If your friend or loved one travels frequently either for work or leisure, these are the products you need to gift her:

Bring Green Fresh Mask, $2.90 each

Bring Green Aloe mask
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Travelling is always a great idea but the dreaded stuffy airplane ride is not. Plus, the dry air in airplanes sucks all the moisture out from our skin.

For every K-beauty junkie, sheet masks are a must-have and a gift that keeps giving! Soaked in concentrated serums, these sheet masks will give the skin a much-needed soothing and hydrating effect.

Your friend who travels often will thank you for this gift (available in Aloe, Avocado, Lemon and Artemisia) as it's easy to put on even in a cramped airplane seat.

Round A'Round Green Tea Cica Sun Stick, $28.80

Round A'round Green Tea Cica Sun Stick
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Reminding someone to wear SPF is just another way to say "I care for you".

This compact roll-on stick with SPF50+ protection makes it great for travelling. The green tea and water mint extract are perfect to cool the skin too.

Bring Green Carrot Vita Toner Pad, $25.90

Bring Green Carrot Toner
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What's not to love about a vitamin toner pad pack that even comes with a tweezer?

The product gently moisturises, purifies and tones the skin with the remedy of mild and natural ingredients. Let you friend multitask on the go with these toner pads!

For the makeup addict

Ulzzang makeup
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When it comes to K-beauty, makeup products are a must-mention too! Get your friend who loves makeup these gifts:

Wakemake Pocket Styler 02 Dress-Up Glitter, $31.60

WAKEMAKE eyeshadow palette
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This pocket palette may be compact but it sure packs a variety of trendy colours for day-to-night looks. The shimmers in the palette range from muted to bright and loud so get this for a friend who isn't afraid to experiment with different makeup looks!

Wakemake Foil Shadow, $17.30

Wakemake Foil Shadow
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This eyeshadow (available in five shades - Twinkle Silver, Aurora Silk, Pink Pop, Beam Crush and Malibu Sunset) is the epitome of glittery glamour so gift it to a friend who loves anything sparkly.

Just a quick swipe on the lid and you will achieve a statement shimmer perfect for a Christmas dinner or New Year's Eve party!

Get it here: Wakemake Foil Shadow

Wakemake Rouge Gun Zero 02 Kill Me Red, $23

Wakemake lipstick
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Every girl needs to have the perfect killer red lipstick and the Wakemake Rouge Gun Zero in Kill Me Red could just be the one! Velvety and smooth, the air-fit-matte formula feels light on the lip but packs a pigmented punch.

Wakemake Whipping Tok Tint 04 Rose Whip, $18.70

Wakemake Lip Tint
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The Wakemake Whipping Tok Tint feels like whipped cream on the lips and gives you that pop of colour whilst keeping your lips hydrated throughout the day.

The Rose Whip shade is great for everyday wear too.

For the skincare geek

Model applying toner using cotton pad
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Wonder why the Koreans have such dewy, radiant skin? It's because of the skincare products they use. Gift your friend who cares about her skin these products:

Botanic Heal BoH Derma Water Ceramide Gel Cream, $28.80

Gel cream
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Skincare is all about achieving that pore-less look. The boH Ceramide Gel Cream delivers a surge of nourishment and hydration for 24 hours. Lotus extract purifies the skin and helps to shrink pores too.

Your skincare junkie friend will thank you for this!

Botanic Heal BoH Derma Shot Vitamin All In One Essence, $37.40

Photo from Guardian

This All In One Essence covers toner, emulsion and essence in just one step! It's a powerful product that evens out the skin tone and maintains the skin's healthy balance.

Round A'Round Green Tea Pure Cleansing Oil, $25.90

Cleansing oil
Photo from Guardian

The basics can often make the best gifts. One of the pillars of K-beauty skincare routines is double cleansing. One swipe of this cleansing oil has the power to melt through layers of grime and makeup while staying gentle on the skin.

Which of these will you be getting for a K-beauty fan?

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