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The Best Glossy Lipsticks For Plump And Beautiful Lips

The Best Glossy Lipsticks For Plump And Beautiful Lips

By Wei Yin on 13 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

Although matte lipsticks are preferred by many ladies because it's transfer-proof and the colours are usually very pigmented, we think that glossy lipsticks should be given the same love as well!


Asian girl with glossy lipsPhoto from Pinterest

Glossy lipsticks can be pigmented too, are highly moisturising, and the best part is that it makes your lips look bigger than they actually are. If you think wearing a glossy lip is too sticky, you will be glad to know the formulas for lip glosses have evolved and are no longer as sticky as before.

We have compiled a list of glossy lipsticks in lovely shades that will give you plump and beautiful lips.

Read on to find out more!

#1 3CE Glaze Lip Tint 

3CE glaze lip tint in new motion shadePhoto from 冲绳少女蔻依吴 via 小红书

Close up of 3Ce glaze lip tint applied on lipsPhoto from 冲绳少女蔻依吴 via 小红书


Model wearing New Motion shadePhoto from 3CE

The Glaze Lip Tint in the New Motion shade is a deep red colour that is perfect for Christmas and formal events if you need that pop of colour.

3CE glaze lip tint in Rose Pink shadePhoto from 冲绳少女蔻依吴 via 小红书

Close up of 3CE glaze lip tint Rose Pink shadePhoto from 冲绳少女蔻依吴 via 小红书

Model wearing Rose Pink shadePhoto from 3CE

The Rose Pink shade has a sweet pinkish tinge to it that is suitable for everyday wear.

Retailing at USD 15 (about SGD 20) each, you can get it from Stylenanda's official website here.

#2 Urban Decay Vice Lip Chemistry Lasting Glassy Tint


Urban Decay lip tint in Physique shadePhoto from 馥蕾杨 via 小红书

Close up of Urban Decay lip tint in Physique shadePhoto from 馥蕾杨 via 小红书

This high-gloss lip tint in the Physique shade reacts to your lip's pH and tone, revealing its custom colour in a few minutes.

The lightweight, balmy texture gives your lips shine without looking oily. This brownish red shade will look good on most skin tones too!

Purchase it from at $34 each.

#3 A'Pieu Water Light Tint

A'Pieu water light tint Photo from 小西丸 via 小红书

Close up of A'Pieu Water Light Tint in RD04Photo from 小西丸 via 小红书


This glossy tint in the RD04 shade is long-lasting and one layer gives you a mauve pink colour. However, when layered, it becomes darker and turns into a purplish red colour.

Get it at $5.20 on Shopee here.

#4 NARS Lip Gloss

NARS Lip GlossPhoto from 两个婉 via 小红书

Product shot of NARS Lip Gloss in Photo from 两个婉 via 小红书

This soft brown pink lip gloss in the No Regrets shade is another one that is suitable for everyday wear. Not too brownish or too red, it's in the perfect 'milk tea' shade to apply on your lips.

Retailing for $36, get it on here.

#5 I'M MEME Pep! Balm 

Pep! Balm product shotPhoto from 四心耶 via 小红书

Close up of Pep! Balm applied on lipsPhoto from 四心耶 via 小红书

This balm in the 05 Brink shade will moisturise your lips while giving it a pretty, brownish red colour.

Get it for $12.65 on Shopee here.

Which of these is your favourite?

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