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5 Sneakers You Can Wear With Your Wedding Dress

5 Sneakers You Can Wear With Your Wedding Dress

By Amanda on 07 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

Not every girl can wear heels with ease and although you want to look good on your wedding day, do you really want to be in killer heels for the entire day? It is getting more and more common to wear sneakers on your wedding day and we curated these five sneakers that will look super cute on you on your big day!


Scroll on for our picks!

#1 Superga 2750 Iridescent, $129.90 from Superga

superga irisdecentPhoto from Superga

Dazzle your guests with this limited edition iridescent pair from Superga! The iridescent design makes it a perfect match for dresses in different colours - perfect if you are straying from the norm.

#2 Puma Basket Heart Patent, $149 from Puma

puma heart patentPhoto from Puma

These girly white sneakers are perfect if you are wearing a white, satin gown. The large satin bows makes for a beautiful touch to your outfit and looks pretty with short dresses as well.


#3 Keds X kate spade new york Triple Glitter, $89.95 from Keds

kate spade kedsPhoto from Pinterest

This pair from Keds x kate spade new york wedding collection was specially designed for you to wear on your big day. Covered in glitter, gold accents and satin laces, you will definitely turn heads with this pair.

#4 Tory Sport Ruffle Sneaker in Snow White, USD 228 from Tory Burch

tory sport ruffled sneakersPhoto from Tory Sport

This pair of leather sneakers has a lovely subtle ruffle fringe design for your wedding day if you are not into glittery and showy designs.

#5 Pazzion Sequin Embellished Sneakers in White, $69 from Pazzion

pazzion sneakersPhoto from Pazzion

For a budget friendly option, consider this pair of sequin embellished sneakers from Pazzion! The sequins add some bling to your dress and you can switch up the cotton laces for some satin ones to make it look more wedding-friendly.

The best part about wearing sneakers for your wedding is that you can always wear the sneakers again on a day to day basis! Besides, sneakers are just too comfortable to give up on!

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