8 Fringe Styles To Cut According To Your Face Shape

8 Fringe Styles To Cut According To Your Face Shape

By Amanda on 05 Dec 2019
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Fringe styles come and go together with trends and although some may work in your favour, chances are not all fringes complement your face well. If you are thinking of getting a haircut, why not refer to these most popular fringe styles of the year and find out which of these eight popular fringe styles suit you best!

Read on to find the fringe that suits you best!

#1 C-Curl Airy Bangs

c curl bangs
Photo from @眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 (via Little Red Book)

First popularised by Korean celebrities, the super pretty C-curl Airy Bangs is unfortunately only suitable for girls with a longer face or higher hairline. It is also relatively difficult to maintain the curls and requires dedicated effort to keep the curls in place. However, this fringe style will look good for girls with fine hair or wide foreheads.

#2 French Bangs

french bangs
Photo from @眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 (via Little Red Book)

The French Bangs are bangs with shorter hair above the eyebrows and longer bangs falling by the sides of the face. This fringe style is suitable for girls with square or diamond face shapes as the curls of the side bangs can help to frame the angular edges of the face. This bangs style is also relatively easy to maintain but you will need to find a hairdresser who knows what he/she is doing or you can look frumpy with this hairstyle.

#3 Long Side Bangs

Long Side Bangs
Photo from @眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 (via Little Red Book)

If you want something fuss-free and complementary to all face shapes, the long side bangs is one to go for! These bangs are suitable for all face shapes and looks especially good when you tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail as it helps to frame your face. Get these bangs if you want to look elegant without much effort!

#4 Long Wavy Bangs

Long Wavy Bangs
Photo from @眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 (via Little Red Book)

Slightly similar to the Long Side Bangs, the Long Wavy Bangs are wavier and thus takes more effort to maintain the curls. However, you can easily change up your Long Side Bangs to become wavy by using a hair curler. This hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes, but helps to frame round or square faces to look smaller.

#5 Micro Bangs


Micro bangs
Photo from @眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 (via Little Red Book)

Micro bangs is one trending bangs style but they are not for everyone! It is notoriously hard to pull off the micro bangs and girls with small, oval face shapes can pull off these bangs best. If you have a small face and large eyes, you can try out this bangs style, which can look really cute if done right!

#6 Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs
Photo from @眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 (via Little Red Book)

The curtain bangs are good for all face shapes except for square or wide faces as it may not be able to frame your face properly. You don't have to style the curtain bangs much, making it suitable for busy (and lazy) girls! Besides, this hairstyle is good if you want to hide your protruding cheekbones or make your face look smaller.

#7 Airy Bangs

Airy Bangs
Photo from @眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 (via Little Red Book)

Airy bangs are perfect for all face shapes as it helps to frame the face and make your face look smaller. To further accentuate your face's best features, leave the two ends of your fringe longer so as to hide the sides of your face.

#8 Curly Bangs

curly bangs
Photo from @眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 (via Little Red Book)

This may take a leap of faith but these curly bangs are actually suitable for all face shape! These bangs are also great for girls who have fine or hair of medium thickness and will make you look younger than you really are. If you are not afraid of trying something new, you can try these curly bangs.

If you are interested to cut your fringe soon, check out whether your hair is suitable and check out bangs on celebrities you love to see how if it will suit you. If you are not ready to chop off your hair, you can always try on some fake bangs as well!

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