10 Skincare & Makeup Rules For Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

10 Skincare & Makeup Rules For Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

ByKarmenon31 Oct 2019Digital Editor

For ladies with sensitive, acne-prone skin, it can be incredibly challenging to find the right skincare products that are effective but not too harsh, as well as makeup products that will create a flattering look without irritating your skin.

We have 10 simple rules that you should follow in order to improve your skin and get a flawless makeup look!

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#1 Avoid piling on heavy formulas

model applying foundation
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You may be tempted to apply a thick layer of heavy foundation to cover your skin imperfections, but this will actually emphasise your skin's uneven texture and draw attention to acne.

Instead, stick with a sheer foundation that will cover minor blemishes while still showing off the healthy parts of your skin. Use a concealer to spot cover your blemishes so your overall complexion looks fresh and natural.

#2 Choose an acne-fighting foundation

 Troiareuke H+ Cushion]
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before and after using Troiareuke H+ Cushion
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As you're spending the whole day wearing makeup, why not treat your acne at the same time? Choose a foundation with acne-fighting ingredients like the Troiareuke H+ Cushion ($49) that is made of 99% skincare ingredients with just 1% makeup ingredients!

With ingredients like Centella Asiatica and Portulaca extract which have proven healing and anti-inflammatory effects on acne and acne scars, this hydrating cushion covers blemishes and pores beautifully without caking or clogging poresIt also protects your skin from pollution and UV damage with SPF50+/PA+++.

Choose from three variants according to your skin type: H+ ($49) for dry skin, A+ ($49) for oily skin and Seoul ($59) for all skin types, especially those with anti-ageing concerns.

#3 Set your makeup with transparent powder

Set your makeup with transparent powder
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A light layer of transparent powder will prevent creasing and oiliness throughout the day.

This is especially important for places where you have applied concealer in order to make sure your blemishes remain concealed! Use a small brush to dab transparent powder directly on your blemishes.

This step will also help ensure a smoother application for your bronzer, blush and highlighter.

#4 Avoid glittery blushes and bronzers

model applying matte blush and bronzer
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Anything glittery will make uneven skin look worse than it is! We recommend choosing matte blushes and bronzers instead.

#5 Bring blotting sheets

model using blotting sheets
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Bring some oil blotting papers in your bag or purse so you can absorb any excess oils that accumulate on your face throughout the day.

#6 Remove makeup immediately when you reach home

 model removing her makeup
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While you may be tempted to start watching your K-dramas after a long day of work, what's best for your skin is to remove all your makeup as soon as you're home so you can let your skin breathe and start your skincare routine!

#7 Avoid harsh cleansers

The Cult Culture
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Make sure to use a cleanser that is effective and gentle. We love the Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing Gel ($49) which is formulated with portulaca extract, aloe juice and soapwort to soothe and moisturise skin, plus papaya extract and Usnea barbata for anti-inflammatory benefits.

If you don't like the hassle of removing your makeup and then cleansing your skin, this is the cleanser for you! It removes all makeup and impurities effectively, leaving your face clean but never tight! Users have commented that their acne outbreaks have lessened after using this cleanser.

#8 Don't skip toner

Troiareuke Acsen TOC Toner
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Toner is an important step in your skincare routine that you shouldn't overlook! It helps to hydrate and rebalance skin, restore it to an ideal pH and prepare it to absorb the rest of your skincare products. Certain ones go a step further to treat your acne-prone skin, like the Troiareuke Acsen TOC Toner ($49)!

It contains just enough glycolic acid and sulphur to exfoliate skin and prevent and target breakouts, but is still gentle and soothing on sensitive skin. You can also use it as a spot treatment for acne by applying a product-soaked cotton pad over the affected area until dry.

#9 Choose skincare that is made for sensitive skin

Troiareuke Aesthetic starter kit
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Acne-prone skin needs to be treated with extra gentle care. A good pick is Troiareuke products which are made specially for those with acne-prone and sensitive skin. YouTuber Joan Kim swears by the brand's products to keep her sensitive skin acne-free!

If you're keen to try out Troiareuke’s cult favourite products, start with the Troiareuke Aesthetic Start Kit ($108)! This 3-step kit has the best selling ACSEN series: Oil Cut Cleansing Gel, Skin Complex Toner, Anti Trouble Formula Ampoule (Green) and Recovery Cream.

Mix the toner and ampoule to create the famous Healing Cocktail
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Mix the toner and ampoule to create their signature Healing Cocktail that combats the signs of ageing such as dehydration and wrinkles, as well as soothe and reduce redness. The Recovery Cream contains Centella Asiatica Extract that accelerates healing of scarring, hyperpigmentation and also calms sensitive skin.

#10 Spot treat pimples

Troiareuke Acsen AC Spot Solution
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A lot of spot treatments can be too harsh on sensitive skin or contain ingredients that dry out skin instead of treating it.

Study the ingredient list and look for an effective and gentle one like the Troiareuke Acsen AC Spot Solution ($75). This serum is made to treat skin with papule and pustule acne, inflammation and rosacea.

Troiareuke Acsen AC Spot Solution
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It contains ingredients like 72% Centella Asiatica Extract, Betaine Salicylate and SeleMix AN that treat acne, improve skin tone and texture and regenerate wound healing while strengthening your skin. It also contains Menthol to soothe sensitive skin and calm redness.

You'll be able to see the results within 3 days!

before and after photos of using Troiareuke spot treatment on acne-prone and sensitive skin
Photo from The Cult Culture

before and after photos of using Troiareuke spot treatment on acne-prone and sensitive skin
Photo from The Cult Culture

before and after photos of using Troiareuke spot treatment on acne-prone and sensitive skin
Photo from The Cult Culture

Good news! You don't have to go all the way to Korea to get your hands on Troiareuke products. You can purchase them in Singapore from The Cult Culture, the authorised distributor for Troiareuke in Singapore!

Shop here: thecultculture.com/shop/

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