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Try This One Week Low Calorie Lunch Meal Prep To Shed Off Some Weight!

Try This One Week Low Calorie Lunch Meal Prep To Shed Off Some Weight!

By Amanda on 11 Sep 2019
Digital Editor

Let's face the truth. It is incredibly difficult to lose weight with so much temptation around us! When eating out, the food is always oily, high in calorie and incredibly expensive. Make sure you have a balanced and healthy diet by prepping your own food and bringing it to work or school.


Here is one week worth of meal prep ideas that is both low-calorie and easy to make!

Day #1


Start the week light without carbs and eat more vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and corns for dietary fibre and vitamins. Steam some prawns as prawns are relatively low in calories as compared to meats but provides the same amount of protein. End off your meal with a sweet peach!

Day #2 


Prep some grilled chicken breast (check out our recipes!) and stir-fry some scallops with vegetables you have in the fridge. Steam some sweet potatoes for low-calorie carbs and end off your meal with a juicy fruit like peach or pear.


Day #3


Add some flavour to your lunch today by stir-frying some tomatoes with scrambled eggs. Pair your tomato eggs with a side of sweet potato, broccoli and boiled egg and finish off your meal with a dragonfruit.

Day #4


Stir-fry one of portion couscous along with some assorted vegetables and protein of your choice. Pair it with some steamed carrots and boiled eggs, as well as some cucumber (pssst, sprinkle some salt over to taste). Choose a sweet fruit like mango to end off your meal!

Day #5


End off the week with a bang with steamed prawns and grilled chicken. Pair these with steamed corn, cucumber and broccoli for your greens and a boiled egg on the side.

Remember to eat something that is low-calorie for your breakfast and dinner to make sure that the effects really show!

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