Look Cute & Bubbly With These 8 High Socks From Taobao!

Look Cute & Bubbly With These 8 High Socks From Taobao!

ByAmandaon16 Aug 2019Digital Editor

If you haven't noticed, high socks has been a popular trend for a while now as they add a little bit of fun to your outfit and enhances the shape of your legs. Pair them with a pair of sneakers and a pair of shorts or short skirt for a youthful and vibrant look!

Check out our picks from Taobao! (Psst, the cheapest pair is only SGD 0.40!)

#1 Stripey Socks, 7 for RMB 13.99 (SGD 2.76)


O1CN01TcUnNN1MIHOos5aUL_!!1610161411 (1)

Get it here.

#2 Drinks-Inspired Socks, 6 for RMB 29.90 (~SGD 5.93)

O1CN01gz1j0b1INXPgdmlEI_!!139480881 O1CN01hZs4C31INXPZ5nVDZ_!!139480881

Get it here.

#3 Quirky Patterned Socks, RMB 8.90 each (~SGD 1.76)

O1CN011QshGPNLIUD09Wb_!!1022622032 O1CN01fpK4J11QshM2d41kA_!!1022622032

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#4 Tabbed Cartoon Socks, RMB 6.90 each (~SGD 1.37)


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#5 Silk Polka Dot Sock, 3 for RMB $15.80 (~SGD 3.11)



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#6 Sailormoon-Inspired Socks, 3 for RMB 17.80 (~SGD 3.51)

O1CN01HwJgkO2Kp8lNIJOMQ_!!3941909605 O1CN01jcggUF2Kp8lNWQQXd_!!3941909605

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#7 Sheer Sparkly Socks, 3 for RMB 39 (~SGD 7.68)

O1CN01t7TYfp1C4PEWllBOb_!!3015050027 O1CN01TeRIUo1C4PETnrBvM_!!3015050027

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#8 Hyuna-Style Sheer Socks, 3 for RMB 39 (~SGD 7.68)

O1CN01sq9IkJ1C4PEFcGNUK_!!3015050027 O1CN01XAqEex1C4PEExxILs_!!3015050027

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Photos: Taobao

Text by: GirlStyle SG

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