We Are Definitely Visiting These Breathtaking Metro Stations Someday!

We Are Definitely Visiting These Breathtaking Metro Stations Someday!

ByAmandaon16 Aug 2019Digital Editor

Although one of Singapore's MRT station is becoming a tourist spot for its pink exterior, we can all agree that MRT stations in Singapore are generally not very aesthetically pleasing. However, there are some other metro stations in the world that we think are out of this world.

The Stockholm Metro in Sweden is known for its incorporation of natural geographical features in its underground metro stations and we are in awe at how their version of the MRT can look so vastly different from Singapore's.

Check out some of the stations here!

Solna Centrim Station



Stadion Station


Radhuse Station



Kungsträdgården Station



Aren't these stations breathtakingly beautiful? Although there are only a selected few in this article, there are more stations around with equally beautiful interiors as well. We are definitely going to fly there some day to take a look for ourselves! (And take some pictures for the 'gram as well ?)

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Photos: @孟夕 (via 小红书)

Text by: GirlStyle SG

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