The Ultimate Nail Guide On How To Mix & Match Nail Colours

The Ultimate Nail Guide On How To Mix & Match Nail Colours

By elaine.kiew on 25 Apr 2019

Who says we need fancy nail art to have pretty nails? If you are one of those girls who prefer to keep things simple and DIY your own nails without spending a huge amount of money at a nail salon, you are on the right page.

Today, let's find out more about how we can play with colours and nail our next manicure! Scroll along for our complete guide!

# Monochromatic Green & Blue


When it comes to mixing and matching colours, grey and green tones are the best to work with. Be it baby pink, turquoise or pastel blue, it can all shine with the presence of this two colours.

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Who knew purple are grey would complement each other so well?


Chromatic colours are all the rage these days and we're not surprised. If you're feeling adventurous, add in a pop of colour like mustard or cherry.


Cool colours such as blue are also really pretty. For more bluespirations, check out these cute blue nail designs.


Notice how grey goes well with almost everything?


To create a dreamy nail effect, opt for glittery colours! Remember to keep to the same colour hues, though. You don't want your nails to look ratchet.


# Monochromatic Nude

Nude nails are evergreen and will never go out of style. In case you can't ever decide on a colour, opt for nude. They may be simple but classy and is perfect for any occasion.



When it seems too dull, mix it up. One of our favourite colour combinations has got to be mocha x nude! These two earth colours complement each other so well that it's become our go-to.


Add baby pink to this earthy nude and you'd see that it isn't as girly as you thought it'd be. It's natural-looking and no doubt one of the cutest colours around!



Who says you need to paint your nails in different colours to make it look interesting? In all honesty, you just need two colours to nail your next manicure! #woohoo



Feel free to add life to your manicure by throwing in a block colour to make it pop!



# Glitter

Girls who think block colours are boring can make their nails pop with a bit of glitter. Like this.


This colour combi is sooooo pleasing!


We've always had a soft spot for earth colours and these two earthy brown definitely stole our hearts. *heart eyes*


Don't you think the glitter gave these nails a new lease of life? *cues dramatic music*


If you need more colour combi ideas, check these colour charts out!



Here's more colour combi for you to challenge yourself with!

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Photos: Pinterest
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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