7 Tips To Build Your Own Woman's Cave At Home!

7 Tips To Build Your Own Woman's Cave At Home!

By GirlStyle on 11 Apr 2019

Just as a man needs his bromance and mancave time, we also need our own warm cosy hideout. It does not necessarily need to be pink or require a big space. One thing for sure, it has to be warm, cosy and relaxing.

Here's to all the busy women out there! These 7 tips can help make your space a little cosier.

#1 Choose dim orange light instead of bright white light.
It helps you to unnerve and be comfortable. A candle will create the same effect if you're looking for something extremely budget-friendly.55842803_2146128635699125_8665993549369573376_n

#2 Choose the best view in your home and take it for yourself.
Yes, it sounds selfish but... That's right. Of course, you can share the space when you're not using it.


#3 Get a projector and stream your videos with cosy pillows.
Make yourself comfortable, hands-free, and you can even fall asleep right there.


#4 Keep this room/corner clean and free of clutter; It helps the soul.


#5 Include some form of room fragrance and essential oils.
Smell is one useful tool to help you build a cosy atmosphere. A pleasant scent is one that you like, it's inviting, and it helps you to feel relaxed.


#6 Make full use of the space that you have, no matter how small.
You need to plan your space, especially if it's a small one. Think about what's important to you and number them by priorities. Include it as you please because this is going to be YOUR space.

Your hideout when you have PMS and want to be alone.


#7 Sheer Curtains & Pleasing Home Decors
You have to be intentional about what you place in your room. What is perfect for you? For some, it means having everything in white and for some, they prefer to see everything in pink. Do you need a particular lamp or plant to help you relax?


For some, it merely means a space to read and neatly organised books.


So, think and plan your ideal woman's cave and go for it!


Apart from smaller home decors, a cosy couch makes a big difference.




Rebuild your room and include a cosy corner for some quality alone time. When you have your own solitary space, you can take charge, feel in control and de-stress from the comfort of your room.

Photo Source: J' YeoSin Store, Pinterest

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