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Jayley Shares Heartfelt Memories With Her Late Boyfriend, Aloysius Pang

Jayley Shares Heartfelt Memories With Her Late Boyfriend, Aloysius Pang

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By christinelai on 24 Jan 2019

The ones left behind are those who have to deal with the cruel pain of losing someone they love so much. All of a sudden, everything changes. The nation mourns in unity as we lost a talented local actor last evening. Aloysius succumbed to injury due to a fatal accident involving a heavy artillery gun while serving his reservist duty in New Zealand. He fought well the 4 days.


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Jayley Woo, local young celebrities took to social media to fondly remember her boyfriend.

“I’m not lucky enough to be your wife in this life
We must definitely get married in the next
I love you, I really love you
Thank you for all your care these past few years
I will always love you; please have a good journey ahead
Come visit me in my dreams, understand?”

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"My world just"1963251333433514205_18586764



Our hearts are crushed following the news of Aloysius' passing, and for his family and girlfriend that were left behind. We can only pray and hope for them to bravely face the loss and be strong.



This is the last picture Aloysius sent to Jayley, a view of New Zealand.


Her plea to the media to stop contacting her and just let her rest. 

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"I can't sleep, help," Jayley shared.


Here's some screenshot she posted on her Instagram story that entails her relationship with Aloysius. 

The first time they met.


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There were speculations but the couple did not publicly acknowledge their relationship. They were going to wait until they are married to announce their love. According to Hayley Woo(Jayley's sister), Aloysius planned to wed Jayley. In fact, he is working hard to save up so he can propose to her before he turned 31. He had goals and she has dreams.

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We also celebrated the well-lived life and legacy that Aloysius have left behind. Many described him to be kind, hardworking, diligent and many more strengths.1963391505152173167_18586764

"I love you. Can you hear
We can't ever PDA but now,
I will not hesitate to show the world,
How good you are, how amazing you are."

Jiayou Jayley! And to all who loves Aloysius. We are rooting for you all.

Photo Source: Jayley Woo Instagram: @jiaqiwoo
Text By: Girlstyle SG