9 Fruits Under 50 Calories That Will Help With Weight Loss And Tame Your Cravings

9 Fruits Under 50 Calories That Will Help With Weight Loss And Tame Your Cravings

By GirlStyle on 03 Jan 2019

New year, new you. And a new set of New Year's resolutions. Or maybe, the same one from last year... and the year before.

If losing weight is your New Year's resolution and you're looking for ways to shed off some extra kilos this 2019, you've come to the right place. Put your stress on the shelf as we are going to help you out with a list of recommended fruits to eat that are almost zero calories!


These fruits will not only help you to achieve your dream beach bod but, it will also help you to lead a healthier lifestyle. So, rejoice in the lifelong health benefits!

Here is a list of low-calorie fruits that will help you stick to Your New Year's resolution to lose weight. Read on to find out more!

#1 Watermelon, 30 calories/10og

Watermelons are a great help when you're trying to lose a couple of pounds as it has one of the lowest carbohydrates content. A serving of watermelon a day will have your parched skin thanking you due to the fruit's high water content. Also, watermelon is a great source of vitamin A, which is definitely important for clear skin as it helps to create and repair skin cells.


#2 Strawberries, 33 calories/10og

Strawberries contain potassium and vitamin C. The vitamin C in strawberries is used by the body to produce collagen. A healthy supply of collagen will increase your skin's elasticity and replace dead skin cells. Also, strawberries are a rich source of antioxidants which will protect against free radicals.

#3 Honeydew, 30 calories/10og

Like strawberries, honeydew is also a great source of potassium and vitamin C. Honeydew maintains good blood pressure, balances the pH level in the human body and also helps with having a healthy metabolism. This fruit is also great for hydrating yourself after a workout as it is packed with electrolytes and water.

#4 Apples, 49 calories/10og

Apples are high in fibre and water, making it two qualities that will help you stay fuller for a longer period of time. This means that an apple a day will help you to kick the habit of snacking, which in turn helps with weight loss! Apples are also linked to a lower risk of heart diseases and diabetes.


#5 Blackberries, 26 calories/10og

Similar to apples, blackberries are high in fibre which helps you to lose weight as fibre keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Additionally, with high levels in vitamin C and vitamin K, blackberries boost brain health, immunity and skin elasticity.


#6 Kiwi, 49 calories/10og

Kiwis are packed with a ton of vitamins, namely A, B6, B12, C and E. But that's not all of it. This super fruit also includes potassium, calcium iron, magnesium and dietary fibre. All of these collectively fight stress and aid with the functioning of the body, such as blood circulation. Having trouble sleeping? This super fruit also works as a sleep inducer!


#7 Papaya, 26 calories/10og

Lower cholesterol and boost immunity with a serving of papayas. Packed with dietary fibre, papayas are also a great way to improve digestion. Experiencing terrible menstrual cramps every month? Try including papayas into your diet as they contain an enzyme called 'Papain', which regulates and eases your menstrual flow.


#8 Raspberries, 25 calories/10og

Raspberries aren't just a great source of vitamin C. This fruit fights cancer, heart and circulatory diseases. Additionally, they contain anti-inflammatory properties. So instead of feasting on higher-calorie desserts and treats, eating raspberries may help you lose weight.


#9 Cantaloupe, 34 calories/10og

Also known as rockmelon, the cantaloupe has high water content, at almost 90%. This prevents wrinkles and fine lines, delaying the onset of ageing. Similar to papayas, cantaloupes alleviates menstrual cramps and takes care of blood clotting. Have a slice of cantaloupe today to boost collagen production and you'll be on your way to radiant, supple skin.


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