Yanxi Palace's Wei Ying Luo & Emperor Qianlong Reunites In Latest Drama 'The Legend of Hao Lan'

Yanxi Palace's Wei Ying Luo & Emperor Qianlong Reunites In Latest Drama 'The Legend of Hao Lan'

By GirlStyle on 27 Dec 2018

Their love story continues.

After the critically acclaimed Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略), executive producer Yu Zheng is back for us with another historical drama that we can only hope is as good: The Legend of Hao Lan.

And guess what? Wei Ying Luo and Emperor Qianlong from Yanxi Palace would be in this drama together again! *heart eyes*


This 45-eps drama is set in the palaces of the Warring States Era and follows the life story of Queen Dowager Zhao, the mother of Qin Shi Huang who later becomes the first emperor of a unified China.

Hao Lan (Wu Jing Yan) was born into a prominent Zhao family but later becomes a target of her evil stepmother. After much scheming, Hao Lan eventually loses all that she have and was sold as a slave.

haolan 9


Lü Buwei (Nie Yuan) later bought her and gifts her to Prince Yiren (Mao Zi Jun), a Qin royal (later King Zhuangxiang of Qin) who is residing in the Kingdom of Zhao as a hostage.

And so the fight for power and love slowly begins.



Though the drama was slated to air on 15 November on its official drama streaming site iQiyi, it was unfortunately postponed without a confirmed date.

We are so excited for this drama and can't wait to see more of Wu Jin Yan and Nie Yuan. Though the costumes are not as elaborate and intricate and the cinematography seems a darker compared to Yanxi Palace, the plot and cast seems promising. What are your thoughts?

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Meanwhile, watch the drama trailers here:



Watch our for this space for updates on the drama's official release date!

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