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These New Anna Sui x Pilot Pens Are So Stylish, They'll Inspire You To Write Again

These New Anna Sui x Pilot Pens Are So Stylish, They'll Inspire You To Write Again

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By Zoe Zeng on 15 May 2024

Aside from those who enjoy collecting cute stationery, it's not uncommon for many of us to go months (or even years) without buying a new pen. After all, it's a total breeze to jot down our thoughts using the notes app and pinned chats on our phones.


Well, wait till you see Pilot Pen's latest collaboration with Anna Sui — it might just change your mind and get you writing again!

Anna Sui x Pilot Pen CollectionPhoto from Pilot Pen

This limited-edition series features two well-loved pen models, the Acro 1000 Ballpoint Pen and Acro 500 Ballpoint Pen. Each model comes with a selection of stylish and sophisticated designs, inspired by Anna Sui's trademark black and purple shades.

Pilot Acro 1000 Ballpoint PenPhoto from Pilot Pen

The Pilot Acro 1000 Ballpoint Pen range ($36.80), named the 'Gold Line' for its elegant gold accents, comes in two designs. The black version features an Anna Sui logo, while the purple one carries the brand's iconic rose motif for an extra feminine touch.

Pilot Acro 1000 Ballpoint Pen BoxesPhoto from Pilot Pen

Peek the gorgeous boxes that each of these pens come in! These are ideal as a practical gift for your fashion-loving friends or colleagues.

Not a fan of gold? The Pilot Acro 500 Ballpoint Pen range ($11.80), or the 'Silver Line', comes with eye-catching trimmings in silver. While it's not as weighty as the Acro 1000, it's easier to carry around and more affordable.

Pilot Acro 500 Ballpoint Pen - BlackPhoto from Pilot Pen

They also come with playful patterns on the pen barrel! The two black designs showcase intricate floral and bouquet motifs, while its charming purple counterparts have cherry or cat icons.

Pilot Acro 500 Ballpoint Pen - PurplePhoto from Pilot Pen

The Pilot Acro x Anna Sui collection will be available at selected bookstores, including Hands, NBC Stationery & Gifts, THINK Bookshop, Wei Ting and WH Smith from 15 May 2024.

You can find out more by visiting Pilot Pen's Facebook and Instagram pages.

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