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Mix, Match & Munch At Singapore's First-Ever DIY Instant Noodle Cafe

Mix, Match & Munch At Singapore's First-Ever DIY Instant Noodle Cafe

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By Zoe Zeng on 26 Apr 2024

Sometimes all you wanna eat is that one particular type of instant ramen with a couple of your favourite toppings, cooked just the way you like it. That all sounds fine and dandy, until you have to clear those leftover ramen packets and ingredients before they expire — but you no longer have cravings for them. Sigh.


Slurp MeePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Well, instead of letting those assorted crabsticks and ham and whatnot pile up in the fridge for the unforeseen future, why not go on a little excursion to Singapore's first-ever DIY instant noodle cafe? Slurp Mee is a little eatery located in Farrer Park where diners can pick out, cook, then slurp up their choice of instant noodles.

Instant Noodles

Slurp MeePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The outlet offers a selection of over 70 noodle variations hailing from all over Asia. During our visit, we spotted popular brands like Buldak, Myojo Indomie, and Shin, along with lesser-known gems.

All these options are arranged artfully against two walls of the cafe, where you can pose for some Instagrammable shots. There's also a designated seating area, where you can enjoy your noodles in air-conditioned comfort!

Noodle wallPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


While you can definitely purchase just ala carte noodles ($3.50-$5.50 per pack) to eat, we highly recommend getting the set to make your money's worth. Each set comes with a noodle packet, 3 toppings and a drink.

Noodle SetPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

All the noodles are marked with coloured stickers that tell you how much they cost. Those with yellow stickers are for the Classic Set ($7.90), blue stickers mark those for the Deluxe Set ($8.90), and red stickers are for the Premium Set ($9.90).

Noodle Toppings

Noodle toppingsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Once you've picked up your noods, head over to this well-stocked fridge. You'll find all sorts of popular noodle toppings inside, from cheese slices to meatballs, and ramen-style eggs to sliced mushrooms.

Korean Drinks

Korean DrinksPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Next to the cashier is another fridge, this one plied with Korean sweet coffees and ades. They're quite uniquely packaged in small pouches, which you can then pour into a cup with ice for easier drinking.

Cooking Station

Cooking StationPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

To cook your noodles, head over to the cooking stations equipped with small induction stoves. Can't cook to save your life? Fret not! There are step-by-step instructions displayed to guide you through the super simple process. You can even top your bowl off with complimentary fried shallots, green onions, or chili padi.

Fair warning though, Slurp Mee's popularity is definitely on the rise, so come prepared to queue for a seat!

Slurp Mee
Address: 1 Tessensohn Rd, #01-12, Singapore 217701 (10-minute walk from Farrer Park MRT station)
Opening Hours: 12pm - 9pm on Tuesday to Thursday | 12pm - 10pm on Friday | 11am - 10pm on Saturday | 11am - 9pm on Sunday, Closed on Monday

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