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Guerlain Expands Its Luxurious Orchidée Impériale Line With A Cream & An Essence-Lotion Concentrate

Guerlain Expands Its Luxurious Orchidée Impériale Line With A Cream & An Essence-Lotion Concentrate

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By Sherryl Cheong on 15 Sep 2023

Luxury skincare products are often powered by scientific research and feature premium ingredients. If you’re looking for something that is well worth the splurge, look no further than The Rich Cream and The Essence-Lotion Concentrate, the latest additions to Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale line.


At the heart of this range lies the orchid, a veritable symbol of elegance, grace, and longevity. Earlier this year, Guerlain's researchers harnessed its potential by developing the orchid oleo-concentrate and orchid water. These extracts are the core ingredients of the two new products, which are designed to meet the skin’s fundamental needs: hydration, nutrition, and skin regeneration. It also helps you combat signs of ageing by amplifying cell vitality and increasing regeneration fivefold

The Rich Cream ($812 for a 50ml set; $689 for a 50ml refill)Photo from Guerlain

The Rich Cream boasts three ingredients that maximise hydration: a high-tech stabilising emulsifier that consists of lysine; a heat-resistant emollient derived from jojoba; and plant squalane. But what truly sets it apart is its bio-inspired texture, which mimics the epidermis' natural architecture with a lamellar structure. As a result, the product blends into your skin seamlessly and provides immediate nourishment, keeping dryness and lipid deficiencies at bay. Shop it here via TANGS Singapore’s online store for $812.

The icing on top of the cake is that the packaging is eco-friendly — 40% of the jar is made from recycled glass and you can also purchase the refills for $689.

The Essence-Lotion Concentrate ($308 for a 140ml set)Photo from Guerlain

And if you would like to better prep your face for the cream and the rest of your skincare routine, you ought to reach for The Essence-Lotion Concentrate. When your skin is sufficiently moisturised, it can better absorb the subsequent products that you apply. Think of it like this: a damp sponge can absorb soap way more efficiently than a dry one.

Since The Essence-Lotion Concentrate aims to recreate the natural emulsion of your skin’s hydrolipid film, it makes your face feel soft upon application. With a highly concentrated formula that also comes infused with humectants, its nourishing properties help to reduce redness, wrinkles, and visible pores. So if you would like to say hello to smoother and more supple skin, start by adding The Essence-Lotion Concentrate to your cart!