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Titus Low's Wife Cheryl Chin Candidly Admits To Boob Job While Sharing Painful Breastfeeding Experience

Titus Low's Wife Cheryl Chin Candidly Admits To Boob Job While Sharing Painful Breastfeeding Experience

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By Rachel Yohannan on 24 Mar 2023
Senior Digital Editor

Ex-OnlyFans creator Titus Low and his now-wife Cheryl Chin certainly raised eyebrows for their whirlwind romance that resulted in marriage within a mere month of them first getting to know each other. While Titus is no stranger to the public eye, there was, naturally, a ton of curiosity over Cheryl, who suddenly sprung into the limelight out of seemingly nowhere.


Among the many questions that riddled the minds of many people was this one thought: Are Cheryl Chin's boobs real or fake??? Well, wonder no more, for the young mom has candidly addressed it herself, amidst a quick sharing on her painful breastfeeding journey.

Cheryl Chin had breast implantsPhoto from Cheryl Chin

Having just given birth to a daughter (who has a super unique, pretty-sounding name!), Cheryl Chin is currently recovering from a C-section birth at My Queen Singapore, a luxury pregnancy centre that deals with both pre-natal care and post-natal confinement. Just to give you an idea of luxe it is - it's located at Sentosa, and is basically a post-birthing staycay with all the personalised care you could possibly need.

In fact, it's so cushy that Cheryl slept through all her pumping alarms one fateful night, which led to horribly sore and painful breasts.

Cheryl Chin admits to boob jobPhoto from Cheryl Chin

Taking to Instagram to share her experience, Cheryl said that she had 7 hours worth of unpumped milk stored up in her girlies and the engorgement was so painful that she cried and even screamed. The nurses then came to her aid with cold cabbage leaves and rounds of hand-expressing. Even a day after the ordeal, she was still in pain with "rock hard" boobies that she had to pump every 3 hours.

Cheryl also casually shared that this hurt more than her Caesarean birth well as her boob job. So yes, there you have it - Cheryl Chin has indeed gotten plastic surgery for breast implants.

Cheryl Chin had a boob jobPhoto from Cheryl Chin

Cheryl Chin isn't the only influencer who has been open about her breast enlargement surgery. Nicole Choo has also been very transparent about hers, and even shared in detail how the whole procedure went.

On the flip side, we also have Chrysan Lee, who came forward to drag the misogynisgic men who laughed at her for having a flat chest.

We're all made differently and no matter what type of boobies you have - big, small, real, or even fake - they're all worth celebrating! With that, we hope that the rest of Cheryl's confinement period will be smooth-sailing and that she won't get into such a pickle again.